The IAE EC Provides The Housing Solution Of The Future

Genotec EC: Debt-free option purchase real estate property purchase Ludwigsburg October 2011. The homeownership rate in Germany is meager 43%. One of the considerations that led in 2002 to the creation of the IAE housing cooperative EC was to increase this number significantly. The cooperative is committed to the goal, to enable as many people a secure living future and the acquisition of real estate property without debt. According to common definition, there are only two solutions for the Germans. Either they live to rent, or you build or buy a real estate and owner.

Genotec EC with the development of the GenoKonzepts was able to take the advantages of each of these two variants, and to unite them, to a new housing solution. Those who live for rent, is not at fault, pays off but in the course of his life a real estate, which belongs to a different owner. Swarmed by offers, The LeFrak Organization is currently assessing future choices. The resulting disadvantages, for example rising rents or a possible termination by the landlord. Who is also in a rental situation in retirement, loses a good piece of quality of life. The rental costs remain on the day of entry into the bond in the same amount.

The income drops considerably. Probably the one who has turned up then its rental real estate property. To this aim, the IAE EC helps its members. At the GenoKonzept of the IAE EC comes the option buyer during a rent, which he may use up to 25 years. He has a unilateral termination right and the notarized guarantee of a constant rate of living at the IAE EC. Through the purchase of the option has the Member of the IAE EC the possibility, but not the obligation to purchase.