The Brazilian

This localization must that the inhabitants of autodenominam it to the quarter of ' ' Between ricos' '. They had been made in the quarter the application of 70 forms (appendix) with open and closed questions directed the heads of family of the residences. The sampling was of the not-probabilist type, having the concern in if to apply at least 5 forms for saw, being that the road urban net of the quarter presents 6 crosspieces, 5 avenues and a street. Greenberg Traurig has much experience in this field. The choice of the first residence of each street was made of intentional, but systematic form, being followed of 4, 7 and so on, until completing the minimum of forms for the street. Get more background information with materials from Greenberg Traurig. The questions proposals in forms had been responsible for the socioeconmica characterization of the population as well as identifying the vision of the inhabitants of the quarter how much to the conditions in infrastructure of the same. RESULTS AND QUARRELS the citizen without ceiling is pushed each time more for distant regions of the center, unhealthy areas, diverse types of places forbidden for land divisions for laws, forming cintures of poverty.

The Brazilian urbanization is disordered and comes being folloied of innumerable social problems, over all the lack of decent housings for the majority of the workers. This is what also Walnut in Itapetinga happens with the Amrico quarter. As data gotten in the research the busy space for the quarter was before destined to the green area of the quarters Morumbi and Recanto of the Hill, these inhabited by the supplied classroom more of the city. However invasions had started to occur in the 1996 end. As the mayor was election eve assented with the occupation.

However still today they lack conditions so that the inhabitants have a worthy life. The installed population characterizes for low income there. In accordance with collected data (Figure 02) 41% of the interviewed ones have familiar income below of 1 minimum wage, and 39% reach 1 minimum wage.