The Areas

About how it looks in practice: Bank defragments its principal operations in the conventional direction (auto loans, mortgages, deposits and stuff for ‘physicists’, leasing, factoring, credit, cash management services and other business), then within each of the areas of exercise tactical marketing plans. As a result, mesh segmentation looks like a list of business units, in which, at best, stand out ‘big, medium and small businesses. ” In this case, any criteria for segmenting the private sector virtually none. Next subsegments ‘big business’ corporate banking sector, for example, stands out in stand-alone unit, whose main task is the traditional servicing large corporate clients.

When one customer suddenly thinks about upgrade the fleet, for example, the bank courtesy of considering the possibility of lending the project, even though the client may well profitable leases. But the lease – that is another topic, another unit, other people. And the need for remains unsatisfied, or satisfied optimally. The problem undertaken in the domestic banking business segmentation principles – orientation to themselves and their proposals, rather than on problems and needs target audience. In fact, it’s not even segmentation, and the distribution of needy customers a convenient ‘cells’ created on the principles of optimization of business processes rather than customer focus.