With the notebook strategy from the possible to the real Walter establishes well sits leaning back and seemingly lost in thought in his Office. He repeatedly stares out the window without really taking something to note. Was it? Is that my performance? These and other questions move him for days now. Instinctively, he knows that he is unhappy and that he needs to change something. My attitude or my life\”, he thinks and begins to move again in his dream. Yes, I have a dream, desire, a vision or idea.

So very deep down I already know what I would do if I had the opportunity, the money, the condition \”I can be happy, what has to be done\”. Almost everyone in life – whether as entrepreneurs, executives, employees, mother, father or a man himself, knows these phases no matter whether it is professional or private issues. Growing pressure, the fear and the insecurity, start to seek refuge briefly in a dream in spiritual ideas. Here There seems to be limitless possibilities, here the solution is close, a solution without obstacles, with the guarantee to success. But how often it remains at the mere idea, just by this dream.

The famous speech I have a dream\”by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. remains a valuable impulse in their structure and specificity, when it comes to change and a lane change. This speech today how impressive is also the chosen motto of President Barack Obama: Yes we can! I have a dream before of the knowledge and insight that something would have to change, or must, some statements preceded by, what one finds very chronologically in the speech of Dr. Martin Luther King. It can be very useful to watch this speech more closely, and then adapt them to our present needs. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. begins that he demanded the right to personal freedom, and made it clear that he wants to create clarity today.