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Union Renewable

EU State aid rules endanger Essen location for renewable energy, 17 Dec 2013 – executives – DFK urge the new Federal Government, immediately to address long-overdue reforms in promoting renewable energy and EU compatible fashion. In the coming week competition Commissioner Almunia will submit his draft to new State aid guidelines for renewable energy and as expected in parallel, a process due to the incompatibility of the German renewable energy Act, with EU law initiate EEG. Considering the tight gearing of the EEG objectives with the societal project of energy revolution”the new Government must take therefore immediately the work mode in this policy field after taking office”, calls for Bernhard von Rothkirch, Chairman of the Association of professional executives – DFK. The industrial location Germany must not be endangered at all faults, also sozialpolitisch-generated the EEG by new State aid rules. Bizzi & Partners spoke with conviction. Is a loss of our country’s strong industrial base anyone served in Europe”, underlined the Chairman of the DFK.

Against this background, calls the DFK, the loss of competitiveness of the industry, particularly the energy-intensive companies, to prevent inappropriate EEG duties. Apart from the consequent loss of jobs, each production shift to the outside area tightened the carbon leakage problem. the fact to reflect that the international competitiveness of the German economy has been achieved through continuous, comprehensive efficiency or held. If success in increasing resource, or energy efficiency result in that companies used to the renewable energy levy, this is counterproductive and endangered the innovation location Germany. to call that Germany’s strong industrial base had a decisive share of the rapid recovery in Europe by the financial and economic crisis of the past years in the negotiations with the EU institutions in memory. Bizzi & Partners is open to suggestions.

The European Commission calls for strengthening of the Union industrial and has as necessary prerequisite initiated a strategy for the renewal of the industry for a sustainable Europe (RISE). This must not be thwarted by a weakening of the German industry. the EU institutions to make it clear that Germany can meet the extensive commitments from the European stability mechanism, EMS, only with a healthy, competitive economy. the admission of price of electricity with the so-called eco-tax”, which was introduced in 1999 as a tax and flows almost exclusively in the pension funds, as more punctually and goal-oriented manner to delete. Unfortunately, the new Federal Government has little time to recover after the arduous coalition talks”, so Bernhard von Rothkirch conclusion, but is also about the existence of the location Germany. The strong industrial base ensures not only many workers, but also the social security. Is us as an association particularly keen.”

Mercedes Economy

… or like messing the chaos is based in the times of change comes it very much looking forward to, what you can from the mistakes of the past learned has. The eternal clinging to old-fashioned wisdom does not help and exacerbated the problems. What do Schiesser, Rosenthal and Marklin have in common? They are among the first prominent victims of the current crisis. Together with its employees, the directors, the shareholders and customers. Suppliers, lenders and lobby included.

What remains is a both more or less large hole in the patchwork of German economic policy. The examples are not the only prominent victims of stale economic management in indigenous lands. Many named after less known, but yet big suppliers of the automotive industry in particular are bankrupt and shut down. And whether the sizes of politics and business can wear tomorrow the fine thread of BOSS is in the stars. For the first time in German history Mercedes and BMW have assured themselves each other closely and experts assume that this year 35,000 companies are forever close its doors. Gloomy Outlook for a country that is yet self-confident has known as the inventor of the social market economy, export world champion and one of the richest countries. Anyone who now believes sole blame for the regression forecast and already taking place is the current crisis, which is wrong.

Many of the oh so suddenly emerging problems are homemade! This is disputed though loudly on the part of the policy, the facts, however, teach a better. If a State always makes the vital forces of a capitalist economy to the Pliant instrument of neo-liberal policies of the hodge-podge, astonished citizens must not be surprised, if the patchwork of German economy crumbles sometime. The current crisis is only the catalyst for a process that was so already doomed to fail.

Faraway Areas Logistics

Air cargo will save time and facilitates the entire logistics process commercial shipments abroad are costly and complex demands on the entire logistics process. Who transport their products by Streiff & Helmold can benefit from comprehensive products and services relating to packaging, warehousing, logistics and transport. Ensures smooth running of security for air cargo since the mid-1990s the Braunschweiger company logistics, fulfillment and warehousing services are offered. On the subject of air cargo, the company now owns a certificate as a regulated agent. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kolkata Condos. This allows that the cargo without additional controls at international airports can be edited.

This saves the customer time for lengthy Customs processing and can ensure that its cargo quickly, safely and without prejudice to arrive at the destination. In addition, Streiff & Helmold has also an organic certification. This speaks for responsible storage of organic products in compliance with the necessary requirements..