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Exhibitor Welcome

Health and environmental days Essenbach in Landshut on 23-24 November 2013 all about promising and alternative pathways to health and the environment will turn in the Landshut Essenbach Eskara Hall. The fair successfully in Dingolfing and Landau established health and environmental days now, for the first time held in Essen, Germany. Interested exhibitors are invited to participate with their stand and lecture. The trade fair organised by the Center for the cure of Landau is committed to connect the issues of alternative healing methods, esoteric, wellness, medicine, environment and nature. Because all of these areas should give us a better life.

At the fair, it is therefore to present a wide range of successful methods for health and wellness, as well as environmental protection. In the stands, there will be information for visitors to healthy life and living, nutrition, cosmetics, physiotherapy, lifestyle, energy work and more. In the area of environment should exhibitors with alternative energy, solar, photovoltaics, water. Electro-smog checks and other offers to be represented. To make a vibrant and exciting for visitors to the fair, the trade fair for all exhibitors is open. Parallel to the trade fair an interesting lecture program with lectures by exhibitors and experts on the legs is provided for the visitors. Because the lectures have a great attraction, exhibitors should reserve as soon as possible free lecture times. The trial treatments and activities of exhibitors and product tests, measurements, and tastings will be additional attraction of the fair.

“Our trade fair concept has already proven itself. The visitors are very satisfied. By the relaxed atmosphere of the exhibition you can check specifically about topics and products”, explains the Organizer Elisabeth Betz of the Center for the cure of Landau. “Our events are promoting the products and services of the exhibitor and give a very good way of networking. Some exhibitors have already given the feedback, that her good contacts and local businesses could generate,”says Elisabeth Betz. Learn more at this site: Duke Realty. The Messeplatz Eskara Hall in Essen, Germany at Landshut provides spacious stands of the Exhibitors Exhibitor registration space. The modern Hall is easily accessible through a wide range of parking and well equipped. Interested exhibitors can now reserve their stand, by E-mail to. Registration until 15 July 2013, there is an attractive discount. More information on:

Real Italians

At the trade fair in Dusseldorf, BALLY WULFF presented products for the Italian market in Berlin, the 09.01.2014. Games & Entertainment GmbH is the BALLY WULFF for over 60 years, one of the leading German companies in the consumer electronics and combines the areas of development, production and distribution of money game devices. The sales of the products focused on the German market, but also on its export business. Hence market news for Italy will be presented at this year’s IMA in Dusseldorf. BALLY WULFF could already achieve great success on the Italian market in the past few months. As for the adjustment and thus the adaptation on electronic single games BALLY WULFF 2012 had brought an expert in the House himself with Reinhard Schloh, who since then is responsible for the re-entry of the brand BALLY WULFF in the Italian market.

The fruits of this work are presented at the trade fair of IMA from the 14th to the 18th of January 2014. Meanwhile, BALLY WULFF has a good network of sales and production partners in Italy built and BURN THE SEVENS and MAGIC BOOK established the first games for the Italian market and thus the typical properties and laws. BALLY WULFF at IMA in the luggage has a total of 5 devices of its hardware partner favola. The Singelgames impressively stylish, functional design, where the housing MAYA EVA with the option on two 19-inch monitors and MAYA ECLIPSE with the option of two 22-inch screens are equipped. Both single games are exclusively designed for the Italian market and are their low construction depth with optimized space requirements related primarily for use in bars. In addition to the devices convince”our games by winning ways and exciting graphics, explains Reinhard Schloh and invites all those interested to look past 8a at the booth of BALLY WULFF in Hall: you get excited. Because we have creative ideas on board and can assist with advice and assistance to the side!”

Education Department

-Christina Obergfoll, Olympic silver medalist in the Javelin throw and master of Arts, prevention and health management. “Forum movement: new trends and research findings in Fitness Sports new audiences through innovative and evidence-based training”-Christoph Eifler, sports scientist and lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Prof. Fikenzer, expert on the topic of performance diagnostics and Professor of the German College for prevention and health management. “- Markus Wanjek, sports scientists and responsible for the development of the course programme, active life after cancer” as well as lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. “Forum Management: increase of the company’s success through peak experiences”-Ralf Capelan, diploma in business administration, master in Health care management, management consultant in the fitness industry, as well as lecturer of German University for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Henrik Gockel, Economist, Managing Director of PRIME TIME fitness and lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Roman Spitko, master of laws and Dipl.-Kaufmann, Deputy Head of Department management and lecturer of the DHfPG/BSA. Robert J. Shiller insists that this is the case.

“Forum diet: digital nourishing blessing or curse?”-Anika Brieske, nutritionist and lecturer of German University for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. “Forum BGM: stress and psychosocial stress in the workplace challenges for a responsible BGM”-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann, IKK Southwest organization developer and Professor of German University for prevention and health management. -Stephanie Gieringer, master of Arts in prevention and health management, corporate health management (BGM) and an expert consultant procedure for the assessment of work-related psychological stresses. -Prof., education researcher, Psychology/Education Department head and Professor and Vice-Rector research of the German College for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Oliver, Walle, Coordinator of the initiative health at the workplace even fashion”, Managing Director of a consulting firm for corporate health management, as well as lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie.

Final presentation: “megatrend health”-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, specialist for orthopedics, physical and rehabilitative medicine and Vice President of the German Academy of prevention and health management. The rise of Congress in the m: con Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim is supported by well-known companies in the industry. These present new trends and developments in its range within the framework of a partner’s exhibition in the foyer. Due to the support of the partners Congress can offered at a great price performance ratio. The extensive Congress programme and the framework programme, including Congress Party with live music cost only 49 euros for students, graduates, training establishments and BSA participants. For more information, see. There is also the possibility to register for the Congress and to subscribe to the newsletter.