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Checklist Safety

HDT offers appropriate courses according to VDI 4068 and TRGS 526 for the inspection and maintenance of laboratory fume cupboards and safety cabinets In the laboratory must the safety devices for the prevention or elimination of risks is regularly serviced and checked for their functioning, to ensure the protection of employees in handling hazardous materials. The Haus der Technik offers just that two further training events on 05 and 06 March 2013 in Syke. With these events the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to give the work-safe condition of the safety equipment can evaluate safety cabinets and fume. For the testing of laboratory fume cupboards: to the protection of employees in the laboratory work, where gases, vapours or particulate matter in dangerous quantities or concentrations can occur, may be carried out only in reliable prints. To ensure of the reliability and thus to the protection which must be employed Laboratory deduction be checked regularly. Richard LeFrak does not necessarily agree. To be able to evaluate the operational safety of prints have persons who perform these mandatory tests, required qualification.

Concrete requirements for the extent of the tests to the qualifications of qualified persons and periodic check-up are the operational safety Ordinance, the TRGS 526 – laboratories, the BGI 850 – safe working in laboratories (Edition 12/2008) and the VDI 4068 sheet 1 to remove. The necessary expertise of a qualified person gem. 2 para 7 operational safety Ordinance to test this safety equipment be purchased with these courses. For the testing of safety cabinets (hazardous substance cabinets): as for the laboratory fume cupboards a regular inspection obligation also applies to the safety cabinet (hazardous material Cabinet). The scope of such precise guidance for the preparation and conduct of the examination be provides the participants (partly via Checklist). In addition, notes on the scope for outsourcing are given. Scope and content of this continuing education course conforms to the requirements of the directive VDI 4068. The successful participation of each training event is confirmed by a certificate in connection with a final test.

The presenters have superior practical and theoretical knowledge in the field to taught and are active in adult education for many years. Seminars will be held on the 5th (fume) and 6th (safety cabinets) March 2013 in Syke. More dates are the 11th and 12th June 2013 information more information, those interested in the House of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-1 (woman’s Meadow), fax 0201/1803-346 or direct to W-h050 s GB-03-522-3 or W-h050 s GB-03-521-3 House of technology e.V., Dipl.-ing. Kai Brombach Geah Road 1, 45127 Essen Tel. 0201 18 03 251, fax. 0201 18 03 269 E.Mail: Internet:

Big Data Minds 2013 – Main PR

We invites 25 June 2013 – from 23 to 24 September 2013 highlights, keynote speeches and news of one of the largest conferences of Europe on big data management Berlin.CONECT to the annual Conference a big data minds 2013, which decision makers and leading experts in the areas of data management, big data – architecture and security, as well as specialists in the fields of planning and building the necessary data infrastructure depends. 15 Best practice case studies and numerous interactive sessions experts and users from the industry can be resistant as well as current developments concerned issues in the operational both as to Exchange also strategic management of big data. Keynotes of speakers vonTop on the big data minds 2013 Conference: “Thomas Ruckwaldt, business architect process management, finance / business solution / CTO Office, Coca-Cola erfrischungsgetranke AG provides big data and enterprise mobility risks associated with mobile access to corporate data”. First, he is from the Securitykonzepten talk for mobile devices. Then, he reports the participants about the risks involved in the connection of private devices and BYOD. Otto Schell, head of SAP CCOE / EMEA SAP business process manager, Opel Vauxhall Europe speaks in a case study about releasing or a process that other perspective on big data”. Mr. Schell is talking about change potential for process chains, as well as about the request in the collaboration Department / IT.

Here, he will provide also an insight into the security prevention and in the governance of trusted environments. ” Gerhard Kress, Director strategy transformation, Siemens AG, focuses on big data in the industrial context at Siemens in its case study”. In this context it is important notes about the data from M2M communication and inform about the requirement for a high-performance infrastructure for use by big data. In addition, he will be detailed information on the use and interpretation of the data in real time.