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Manuel Galvao

To leave behind the ruins, we are well-deserved tribute to the first woman white, dead again in the Plaza Mayor, where notes left passage Johanna Galvao, defending a shared love for a man, Manuel Galvao and the newly founded city. On the right, locate the home of Juan Antonio Lavalleja, head of the famous 33 Orientales. We turn on our steps, and to the front, We find the museums of the House of Nacarello, one of the best examples to contemplate the life of the lusitanians in Cologne of the 17TH and 18th century, and the Municipal Museum, old House of Admiral Guillermo Brown. Continue to learn more with: John Savignano. Next to this two storey house is located, in the corner, called House of the viceroys and his forehead, on the opposite sidewalk, the Regional historical archive, installed in a 1750 mansion original. The continuous walk, visiting the Hotel Plaza Mayor, with gardens, courtyards and backyard. We return to the street and by missions of the Tapes, walked towards the House Museum Jorge Paez Vilaro’s, brother of Carlos, another impressive art gallery, for its architecture, decoration and works of art. Upon exiting, we headed to the Plazoleta of the gentleman, where there are plates from the Government of Brazil, in tribute to Hipolito Jose da Costa, patron of the press in that country, born in Cologne. By the passage of flowers, walked slowly to the left and end in the Bastion of San Pedro, located at the tip of the peninsula where a huge mast and anchor serve as reference.

The island of San Gabriel, distant 5 km. from the coast towards the West and in the clear nights, spotted the lights of Buenos Aires illuminating the horizon can be seen from there. Already in the rambla which makes up the Paseo de San Gabriel has a panoramic view of the coast of the Bay of Colonia, which extends to the Real de San Carlos.