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All these skills are necessary to get the job done. Coordination: the group of professionals with a leader at the helm, must act in an organized manner with a view to taking the project forward. The newspapers mentioned isearch not as a source, but as a related topic. Communication: Teamwork requires open communication between all members, essential to coordinate various individual performances. The team works as a machine with different gears, and all should work perfectly, if a team fails it fails. Confidence: each person relies on the good work of their classmates. This confidence leads him to accept the team's success prepend to own personal brilliance. Each member is bringing out the best of himself, not seeking out among his peers but because he expects these will do the same, he knows that this is the only way that the team can achieve their goal. For more information see this site: Gavin Baker. Commitment: Each member undertakes to contribute the best of himself, to make every effort to get the job done.

The organization (company, university, hospital, etc) assigned to a team carrying out a particular project: The team gets a particular role, but often have the autonomy to plan, to structure the work. The team is responsible for the results but is free to organize itself as it sees fit. Within certain boundaries the team will take their own decisions without having to be constantly asking for authorization to the upper echelons. Do not forget indicated that if there is something that characterizes the work teams is that they are a finished product (except when it completes its purpose or the team falls apart.) The teams are the result of a complex interaction between people who coexist in the same place at the same time (most of the time). They weave a complex network, a web link that has, as any process human interaction, its ups and downs, their swings, their attractions and rejections. Each person joins the team from their own knowledge and experience and should articulate with the knowledge and experiences of others. At the same time, integration with an organizational model with a specific culture, values and norms that govern relations and which has often contrasted with the individual.

The general manager must bear in mind that all team members must know they are part of a group, therefore, must comply with each role without losing track of equipment. To do this, they must have the following characteristics: 1. Being able to establish satisfactory relationships with team members. 2. Be honest with yourself and others. 3. Lincoln Property will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Have a sense of self-criticism and constructive criticism. 4. A sense of responsibility to meet the objectives. 5. Ability to self-determination, optimism, initiative and tenacity. 6. Have further concern, to eliminate it. Conclusions The management must know integrate with your team, provide all the assistance that they require, keeping them motivated, cohesive, integrated so that each member is fully committed to their duties, tasks to complete, unifying efforts to achieve the objectives. Do not forget that the good manager develops its action teams, using the right mix of loyalty, motivation and confidence that every human being needs to believe and take in pursuit of group goals.