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Daqui little I will be able to say that I am a carried through man. I remember as if it was yesterday; I was for the coast to refresh the head, to better use to advantage my days of recess and nothing of what tanning a beach, hearing the sound of the sea, to make that one walked by the hot sand disconnect, me of the daily running. I really love this! As much is that I bought an apartment for there, thus could be more to the will. It was in a Saturday at night, it was heat and the climate asked for to a stroll the side sea. The wind acariciava my face and played of a side to another one my hair; it could hear the racket of the waves and, solitary, enjoyed of the beauty. I sat down in a bank and, to far, it sighted only the shining points of light in the infinite of the sea.

It reflected the stars. I closed my eyes and I started to concentrate me at that moment, suddenly I heard some laughs. I looked at around and I could see, to one twenty meters of me, five girls who seemed to be in one papo interesting; I deviated the look and I came back to concentrate me in the calm of the night, was in go. I could hear again, but now the point to confuse my inspiration was higher. How much April my eyes and I capsized for ve them I perceived that they were to comment of the young of the other side of the street that, by the way, seemed to dry the tears feeling itself humiliated. I arose e, I confess, I was without direction. I had will to go ties there and to say I to stop but I did not have nor logical to make this.


It was in house, you give to leave for the work, the time liveing in So Paulo. The alarm-clock that I earned of my father after went off half hour to wake up of a sleep heavy. It had finished to eat folloied torradas of milk with decaffeinated, as in the times where my mother prepared. Today I live alone in an apartment in the So Paulo Av. I closed the door of the apartment and caught the elevator, since I am deficient physicist.

When entering in the car, I perceived to have listened to a phone call. It was a sufficiently familiar voice, seemed to be of a next person me, but I did not obtain to decipher of who would be. At that moment I could not perceive if it came of my father or my grandfather, both deceaseds. I arrived at the work, estarrecido with the situation that I passed. It concludes that it would not obtain to work more than three hours in the day of the occurrence. I came back toward house and I was to sleep direct, with the clothes of the body, of so tired that I was.

At night, I again received the same linking that long ago touched in the cellular one. After that, ‘ appeared a message saying; ‘ I very want to know how are you? It can be tomorrow, my expensive one? ‘ ‘ I was again perplexo, therefore until then wise person of who if it did not treat the phone call and the message. I tried to erase the message, but I did not get success, therefore the same one did not leave the device. Thus, I was to sleep. In the following day, the cellular burrow again with the same voice of the previous day calling stops, me finding in them in a strategical place (Station of the Light) to one hour of the afternoon. I thought about answering, but the linking fell. With delay of half hour I obtained to arrive at the place, but not yet vi no person to be the tourist not visiting the Museum of the Portuguese Language and one or two lixeiros. Suddenly, a very strong light appeared ahead of my face. In that instant it hindered me to the flash to enxergar about one minute. A well familiar body appears in my front. He was my father, come of the Sky to know as I was here in the Land. I did not contain, tears had hidden, I was without words and, after that, I fainted deeply. I woke up already in house, not remembering me to have fainted. ‘ ‘ But who had brought me for house? ‘ ‘ , I thought. He was my father again. I tried to talk with it, but it was impossible since the same it disappeared suddenly. With this, I believed that my father perceived how much I was well, not needing to dialogue with me in words, but yes in affection gestures, what we at that moment really mattered for.

The Loving

Today the poet meets with nineteen years, sonhador, romantic as always and without having had the pleasure to love somebody of truth. Its closer friends and poets as it, discovering that the same still he was virgin, had decided it to presentear something unusual: a program girl and the apartment of one of them so that the poet discovered for the first time the celestial and infernais pleasures that the sex can propitiate a mortal poor person. the poet, exactly a little shy, drank of the clice of this new adventure, going for the first time in all its life of meeting to a feminine body, being able hugs it, to fondle its hair same at the moments of full beastly fury human being and, also to kiss it as if it was its accompanying Real, its new Monalisa The poet grew, more learned a little on the true one felt of the life (if it is that a sensible one really exists true), however, it continues in its perpetual search for a new passion, somebody that it can share its better moments, as its first love not corresponded. Still shy, it does not obtain to find namorada and its life today is summarized in studying, working, to make poetries (already it obtained to edit its first book) and to leave with girls of programs. Lately a girl who works in a small bar in the center of the city and makes programs in the vacant hours, is starting to make its head.

Since the first time that it accepted to leave with the poet without charging nothing, something of special appeared enters the two as a magician pass. For the poet, one is about the first woman whom, exactly being prostitute, nothing it charged to leave with it, being sufficiently affectionate and considerate in its loving meeting. For it, a true romantic and educated, completely different gentleman of its customers who arrive during the night in its workstation, and contracts its loving services. They say that love in the heart of a prostitute does not exist, however the loving poet and its new seem made use to oppose this theory. To the few it gets rid itself of its nocturnal customers to be to the side of that she obtains to give to affection and attention to it and the poet is conscientious of this. After all of accounts, for who she never knows what it is a corresponded love, this is a special moment of its life that, if to depend on its will, this flame never will go to erase itself enters the two during all the eternity. to the few the girl forgets its past, while the poet contemplates a promising future, to the side of that one day can repay its purer feelings.

Good Notary

Definitively it perceives that its magreza was not natural. It was case of drugs with certainty. Already it had seen this in its bulletins. The least for some thing served its work. When it placed the heading of the article of the law where if it fit the crime and it saw some photos, then later, to close the inquiry, it perceives that the drugs left the lean person. Yes she was drugged. – All good, forgives! it said disconcerted.

– Who is you, expensive, to find that it can go moving in my things, the great box with the feet for inside of the apartment said Diva pushing. – I am not nobody. I am only the inhabitant of low of its apartment, said Teo, raising the right hand. – Certain. That good. I have an idiotic enxerido neighbor. Diva gave of shoulders catching trouxa of clothes that was in the soil. It played after that for inside.

– Good, much pleasure, young woman. I only came stops to say that to need itself something it can count on me. – Certain, certain, all good, tchau. It beat to the door with all the force of the wind that beats the door of Teo. It is as the hurricane, thought. – Plus a time that torment if repeated in the mind of the notary. Whenever it tries to make friendship with somebody age treat to that form. He was determined. It would go to the psychologist of the State. The government had that to offer something for an employee after 10 years of given services. More did not obtain to become social. He was solitary. Its mother and its father had been the kilometers of distance in the city of Manaus, since that she had passed in the competition for notary of policy in the State of Santa Catarina.