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Fear Of Loss – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

If we would accept that we can actually have nothing, something like fear of loss would not exist. “Fear, someone or something, so a man, a GEgenstand, a so-called real estate” to lose, can often remain us in a coercion behavior of all Kontrollierenwollens. The fear that something broken or missing could go standing near us, a man beloved by us could die and are therefore from our present adopted process blocked the free flow and thus the natural transformation obviously. For more information see this site: REITs. Born out of our desperation means, with which we face against the fear of loss is our constant effort, the time to freeze the space and everything, what we seemingly besitzen, in a constant, always constant state of stasis, so our attempt to exert control on the life process as such. In this state of spiritual myopia it not is easy of course, the meaning of the Convention and action to capture. If something goes or leaves his room, there is also always room for something new, thus also becomes the birth place of growing, of the future newborn. Death and birth go hand in hand, are one, the process of creation is needed both to continue to convert and to exist. It’s not that there is only a beginning and an end, which would mean that before this the beginning nothing existed, and after the end of the only existing nothing will exist another.

That means only what is visible is existent and life defines only what we can see with our eyes. A dismal idea, which comes from the superficial observation of phenomena and is by no means meet the miracle of life. And this thesis, which actually logically deny life, his miraculous emergence and his grow transferring to the amazement and thrive and thus generally denied the undeniable beauty of the unfolding of his pure being, is also not just rarely represented as a universal law of nature, and especially of those looking at the matter in itself so that the surface visible, as the only ExistieRende in the universe. And thus all intellectual, spiritual, therefore all invisible forces as real existent deny. Of course we all accommodate this materielle approach of things tend to be at least partially in us, and we all have our own constructive dealings ‘ with this UMstand.