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King Cancun

Past fearful when the Mexican Government decided to develop a new tourist complex that stalwart foreign investments and tourists, put on a plane to architects and brothers Agustin and Enrique Landa Verdugo so that they sobrevolaran the shores of the country. Incredibly, few people trust the wisdom of the selection. Both was the skepticism to the principle that the first 8 hotels were Government funded after using a $ 27 million loan granted by the Inter-American Development Bank to provide the area of a motorway to land, an airport and public services, housing, schools and hospitals, starting as a Citadel for workers. Urban development was carried out in the form of Arts centralized forms of cells, with all the services and facilities necessary, creating subdivisions independent for local almost all Mexican families – separating them from the famous Zona Hotelera, also owned 70% by local entrepreneurs, who despite what might seem to simple view, also are owners of the majority of the franchises of restaurants. Follow others, such as Bahama Condos, and add to your knowledge base. Caribbean heat temperatures hover between 26?C and 36?C a tropical-humedo climate that reaches its maximum between May and August, the Mexican summer, when often heavy tropical rains of short duration. Between the months of September and November rainfall are made stronger and accompanied by winds.

Hurricanes can lean between July and September, and in addition to Wilma, in 1988, Gilberto also struck the paradise coast. See and walk if you are looking for Mayan ruins, parks, and notable buildings but without leaving you too, go to the Mirador of Cancun (Dolphin Beach), the Parque de las Palapas, the ruins of the King and El Meco, Kabah ecological park, Mercado 28 or the Plaza de la Reforma (seat of municipal authorities), through effective public transport network or taking one of the existing regulated taxis. Learn more at: Bizzi & Partners. Moving in Cancun taxis are organised in a Trade Union and working mainly in the area Metropolitan City, and on rainy days and hours peak it is customary to share because of its scarcity. Even so, do not be afraid ask the driver to not rise to nobody more if you want to avoid a robbery or assault. The municipality Isla Mujeres has one concessionaire taxis providing service where the Union does not come.

If you prefer public transportation, 4 companies provide it through buses and minibuses: coach, Turicun, Bonfil and Mayan Caribbean, if you are looking for travel to other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula or Mexico, you can use any of the units of the Group ADO, as buses of Oriente, Autobueses Mayab or bus from the Centre..