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According to its etymology, the painting comes from the latin word pictura. It has been defined as liberal art that teaches how to represent on flat surface with the proportions and suitable colors, any visible object. Another definition says that the painting is the representation of beings or objects actually exist in nature or created by our imagination. All be and every object possesses the means to manifest its existence, its shape, its color; what constitutes the individuality of each of them in its form. The color is always variable and accidental, and only the shape is immutable, this is the aspect of its produced lines to stand out on the objects that surround it. It is your identity. The intimate union of drawing and color, is called paint. Ranks leading drawing, which can well dispense with color, while the color is impossible to ignore drawing, shape, which gives it life.

The drawing is intangible, the color is variable. They are distinguished in the pinrura three parts: 1) the ideal, 2) practice and 3) the historical. The ideal, identifies the boundaries of painting; in practice it is technique, classes of painting and in the historical, genetic development of painting in relation to different schools and sections. Details can be found by clicking Nobel Laureate in Economics or emailing the administrator. The ideal part of the painting looks especially at the pictorial and artistic object as opposed to the plastic and other artistic forms. The point around which today day revolves the aesthetic and pictorial critique, is the relationship of the artist with nature; coming off two currents: idealism and realism, whose ends is (also called mysticism) spiritualism and naturalism.

The first covers the historical painting of genre and portrait; the second comprises the landscape, animals and still life. The historic comprises the religious. Historical genre (historical painting to gender transit); plays people or historical figures, which according to its physiognomy belong to certain periods of history. In the portrait the historical element, that of gender, the idealist and realist mingle. The portrait represents the man in its existence and all the truth of nature, revealing the ideal part of the character. Landscape painting, is divided according to its artistic effectiveness: at landscape stylised, romantic landscape, intimate landscape; and according to the subject, landscape, architecture and marine. The painting of animals, is considered the animal (in the figure), their customs, their different situations, etc. The dog is represented in the quiet life of home, hunting. The ornamental painting, is a special class, does not represent itself work neither limited to beautify artworks of architecture or doing illustrations of texts and other graphic works. Technical requirements of pictorial technique: type of material that is painted (paint oil, water, tempering, etc.); or material on which paints (enamel, porcelain, glass, fabric, etc.) Auxiliary Sciences of painting: that of perspective, Anatomy, architecture, chemistry (as regards colors), etc. visit our art gallery! .Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more. Original author and source of the article.