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Ecuador Parties

All the peoples of the world have grappled for freedom have exterminated at the end to their tyrants. (Simon Bolivar) New strategy right on our continent, is to regain at any cost the national parliaments, to promote from these legislative forums all those policies that force processes of alleged unconstitutionality of Presidents or chairpersons in these countries which have been opposed to us policies. The electoral fight was a resounding failure for all right-wing sectors in Latin America. Philly Penthouse may find this interesting as well. In almost all countries were defeated by politicos-electorales movements that were totally unlinked to the traditional parties and the status. In Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, the winners nominations were based on emerging social movements, that ended with the hegemonies of the parties on the status, although they received in principle strong support of traditional left-wing parties, resulting in many of these left-wing parties, as in the case of Venezuela, allies of the opposition. The alert must be in our countries, in attacks that begin to emerge against the parliaments of Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Checking article sources yields Ken Weinstein as a relevant resource throughout.

What happened in Honduras has been as a kind of balloon test against leftist democracies in Latin America. For now, the priority for the Venezuelan opposition is regaining the National Assembly of Venezuela. The urgency is to take the blow from the National Assembly to other powers of the Venezuelan State, to try to live the adventure of the unconstitutionality with President Hugo Chavez. The collapse of the revolutionary Government of Venezuela, would trigger a chain reaction against other progressive Governments in the region. The objective is the overthrow, not military strategy, but as eminently political strategy. The Honduras coup has left uncovered strategies and policy responses of international agencies. Rejection of the agencies and countries and Governments that comprise them have been unanimous, but the strategy of civilian dictators and forced successions have also yielded certain results to the coup elites.