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Dry Shaped Beam

Wood is a man no less than three million years, and if this term is to try to equate, for example, by year, it appears that people use ceramic only about a day, iron – a little more than eight hours, and plastics and concrete and did about twenty minutes. Since ancient times, one of the main uses of wood was the building, and perhaps the first in the history of engineering structures – pile construction. Remains of them, relating to the third millennium bc, found by archaeologists in many European countries and, in particular, in Russia – in the and Vologda regions, as well as in the Urals. Today, scientists and designers are finding new ways use of wood in its combinations with other materials. In recent months, Nobel Laureate in Economics has been very successful. One example of such combinations may serve as a cement-bonded particle boards. In recent years, suburban housing market, many new materials and technologies. Nevertheless, the wooden houses remain the most popular among individual developers. In many ways, this popularity is due to the fact that in our country the forest is the most expensive building material.

In addition, it is in the tree can be implemented architectural features and art images, dictated by national traditions of Russian architecture. Certainly, the importance of a natural natural origin, which determines the ecological purity of wooden buildings, good air permeability. Finally, the tree – an excellent thermal insulator. This allows the inside of a wooden house optimum ratio of temperature and humidity. In a wooden house is easy to breathe, it is nice and comfortable in any weather.

Modern Building Materials

Today's designs and requirements, applied to the architectural construction, with each day grow and change. New architectural forms and fashion in design of facades require new technologies for their implementation. At this point is very in demand facades of glass. In carrying out such construction work is difficult to do without the aluminum structures. With their help, we can qualitatively and durable glaze large surface of building facades and build bright rooms.

Among the huge range of manufacturers of aluminum designs to choose quality and at the same time democratic price is quite difficult. However, such producers do exist, for example – Schuco Using aluminum profile system of the German manufacturer schuco You can not doubt the quality and durability of these systems. schuco allows you to build quickly and at the same time observing all the design ideas of the building. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees proofing, insulation and for all of their systems. Nobel Laureate in Economics may also support this cause. Aluminum structures schuco simply mounted, allowing workers do their jobs as quickly as possible and without using any special effort.

When using such structures will meet all building technologies, and built the building will comply with any necessary standards. To give the building greater transparency and lightness, but aluminum structures used pvc profiles. Only this tandem can improve the effect of transparency and lightness of each building. The most famous in Russia is pvc profile – proplex. These profiles are manufactured in Russia, but the main trend of their creation is made by the Austrian technology, which ensures high quality and reliability. proplex appeared on our market only about seven years ago, but has already managed to receive the award in 2002 – "Russian Brand". The system pvc profiles trademark proplex practically do not differ from well-known German kbe system. This allows much save money, while getting a decent quality profile. Working with aluminum design can be made by any surface: facade "for steel" and "under the tree, you can glaze the facade with the elemental technology, which means carrying out the work quickly and efficiently without the use of scaffolding. With aluminum construction schuco trendy technology can be applied structural glazing facade, which resulted in the facade is completely glass, leaving only narrow shady joints. Aluminum structures schuco provide an opportunity to apply for interior design guy-wire substructure, which provide an elegant interior. In each embodiment of the front works aluminum construction schuco help you achieve a perfect impression of transparency premises or give the structure of the ease of using the aesthetic mirror.

Natural Stone Granite Symbol

Products from a granite beautiful natural stone granite – a symbol of strength, reliability and durability for many centuries, has gained recognition in the construction and architecture, one of those materials, which can applied in the design of any interior of any style and direction. Granite is durable, its life is estimated for centuries, because granite excellent transfers mechanical stress, temperature extremes, does not absorb moisture and opposed to any destructive influences. At all times, granite was used as a building and finishing material due to its unique properties: strength, durability, resistance to environmental influences, variety of decorative features. It miraculously combines aesthetics and functionality at its magnificence, significance and value of any one material can not be compared with natural stone. Granite is associated not only with safe haven, warmth and comfort of home, but with the sublime tranquility of the temple, with a perfect work of art. Your interior can be snobbish, cold, or comfortable, warm, provocative, sumptuous and modest, light or dark. Nature created the granite is so unique and diverse, that each product, the fragment-coated surface will be unique. Today, natural stone is used and how decorative finishing material.

They trim interior and exterior walls of buildings, floors, stairs, columns, fireplaces, swimming pools, saunas. Granite create various interior elements, such as: window sills, cornices, baseboards, railings, countertops, tables, stairs, bar tops, fireplaces. Granite can be used as: paving for roadways and garden paths, steps and curbs, liners caps. As a decorative finish granite material perfectly fits into the various, including modern trends of interior design. Synthetic materials are no substitute for a living, breathing, patterned stone. Life granite measured by centuries, but even the 'aging' natural stone is beautiful and noble. In recent years natural stone has been actively used for decoration of country houses and cottages.

In this case, the central role played by its surface texture, color gamma, as determined by the size of the product architecture and design tasks. Decorative combination of rock of different colors gives the building a festivity and elegance. In the color combinations of stone veneers are very often used method of contrasting contrasting the various elements of the buildings. Recently, for facade was often used trick to bring to the surface of the masonry of the natural stone. This way of dressing is intended to emphasize the "venerable" age "at home with the traditions, the family nest. We rarely look at his feet, and in fact there may be a work of art created by itself nature There is no doubt, will not go unnoticed by your guests are made of natural stone steps. Granite is the most rewarding material for their manufacture. They will decorate both external and internal staircases creating the desired mood of the masters with the help of colors (black, gray, red or pink), or combinations thereof. Granite steps are good for rooms with high bandwidth, because granite is characterized by high resistance to abrasion. Steps can be either polished to a mirror finish surface and a rough (polished or sawn). You can even option election grinding, which allows to put on the surface stone figure of a given configuration – obtained a very beautiful granite steps. Granite is not afraid of the impact of environmental factors: his overweening frost and rain, scorching sun and strong wind. This property, along with gorgeous colors make granite so popular in the manufacture behalf of external stairs, which is rightly deserve the name of the gala.


With this statement hard to argue if we want our apartment or house were with normal humidity and people feel comfortable – needed airflow. Standard defines the required amount of air which should postpit within one hour. The kitchen is 70 m.ch, bathrooms – 50 m.ga accommodations – 20 m.ch per capita. Ensure adequate ventilation wooden box – one of the major problems faced by manufacturers of windows made of wood. No exchange of air affects the microclimate in the premises and, therefore, can lead to excess moisture. In Russia, in residential homes are basically natural systems ventilation.

Historically, the fresh air is a must. Outflow of exhaust air, naturally provide ventilation grilles (gratings have been and continue to be in kitchens, bathrooms and WC). Natural ventilation system works only if the following basic requirement for wooden windows – they should not be sealed 24 hours a day. A growing number of complaints against misted windows, wooden Fiberglass and objective deterioration of wooden boxes made of manufacturers of wooden windows to think about. Now, many firms, to ensure proper humidity in the room, offer wood windows mikroschelevym airing.

Property Repair

The entire process of repairing office or apartment has become much easier and more enjoyable, since the methods of construction and repair itself have changed dramatically. Most of you at the mention of the phrase "repair flats" immediately represent pasting wall wallpaper. Unpleasant fact, as they swell, do not want to stick properly, but after just the slightest drafts behind the wall. I recall the times when you are through the efforts of the entire family is hopelessly want to glue the paper wallpaper canvas which does not want to split your efforts. To date, pasting wallpaper – a process much more enjoyable and less complicated. To some extent, due to the large number of materials for interior decoration.

But the "abundance" wallpaper does not stop improving the materials. For example, for each type has its own wallpaper glue (flizilinovye wallpaper). And if we take a number of materials that are used to immediate pasting: putty, primer, tools for degreasing, etc All aimed to ensure that your repairs took more time is not soon. For example, a conventional pipe installation technique which leaves much to be better now, replaced by plastic pipes. Their mount is much easier and they are much higher quality.

And the old and distorted windows that need plugging fleece for the winter, not so long ago replaced the pvc window, which not only protect the house from dust and moisture, but with the same efficiency retain the warmth and comfort of your apartment. They also have a beautiful appearance. Finishing materials will certainly make decorating much easier and faster. But it is worth note that their progress is directly reflected on the work of designers. Now designers with virtually no disabilities are beginning to create real masterpieces. Simply, if we compare, the artist can draw a lot more if he has a lot of different brushes and paints, as if he has a brush and two colors. Design of an apartment today involves as little familiar. All new and original in fashion. For example, in certain television program "School Repair" demonstrate extraordinary interior design solutions, using bright colors and different flooring solid wood. Advised to use a laminate. Today the apartment – it is something brilliant. Repairs do such miracles that sometimes is difficult to believe. For example, how you look at what each hour over you will be sky, thickly strewn with stars. But it is a very realistic, because you can mount suspended ceiling "starry sky" and all! At any desired time of day you over the head of the Milky Way. Or, when you finish the repair room seem much larger than before, because of the new furniture that was designed based on the characteristics of the room. There are many options. Should just let your imagination. No one can argue that today's designers are creating just amazing the things that a combine different traditions design art. Often the design of flats "leaves" on the smaller parts. Designers great know how to do so was not only beautiful but also convenient. So that small parts can carry a large number of functions. And if you do not know how to make the most use of materials or just do not have the time or creative talent, it is better to entrust it true professionals.

Cascade Roofing

But for all the merits of the massive use of natural tile in our country is hampered by its high cost, significant weight (enhanced load bearing structures), and also a limited number of colors. However, modern producers of artificial roofing was able to solve such problems, the maximum saving resemblance to natural material. The emergence of new products has become a turning point in the development of the roof architecture. Perhaps the most popular roofing material today is metal. Its basis is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 0,4-0,5 mm, which is first profiled to give the desired surface topography, and then covered with a colored polymer layer.

Sheets are available covering different types, which vary profile shape, wave height, color and type of exterior covering. Modern manufacturing companies are producing metal roofing with a small (50 mm) and large (50-70 mm), wave height, with symmetrical and asymmetrical wave, and even with exclusive pattern. "Successfully selected metal roofing, – says Paul Seliverstov, Manager, (a leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering) – in harmony with the color the house and surrounding landscape that ensures the integrity of aesthetic perception. Moreover, modern technologies make it possible to give the metal a number of individual qualities: for example, the effect antiquity as one of our recent developments – a series of Cascade . Simplifies this selection is that the major manufacturers offer a wide range of different reliefs, which allow precise reach virtually any architectural style.

Facades and Decoration

Brackets and rails are attached to a building wall plugs. Plate heater is inserted into the guide so that the brackets are held between the plates of insulation material along the seams. Facing decorative protective plate attached to the brackets with slats. The length of the bracket provides free ventilation space between insulation and decorative tiles (itself facing plate has a low water vapor permeability). The advantage of this system is that its installation can be carried out at negative temperatures. However, the system has limitations in use for buildings with complex architecture, as well as in cases when you need an exact reproduction of the original appearance of the facade: the reconstruction of old buildings, historic monuments. In a typical project can not yet widely used due to its high cost.

Multilayered system of 'wet' type is the most universal and applicable in many European countries as basic system of the insulation of facades. For example, we can say that in Germany alone during 1996, the system has been used on more than 43 million square meters. m. At present, there is adhesive and reinforcement convoys allow to carry out works to a temperature of -22 deg. C, and the system actually has only one drawback: application of protective and decorative layer may be at or below 5 degrees. C. However, the use of protective heat shield and eliminates this restriction. The system of 'wet' type is easy to install. Its components are deposited on the wall of the building is insulated layers.