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Neo Children

With an umbrella and then cover us all. As a rain under any umbrella. It falls on us and the human intellect. Particles of the underdevelopment of our rulers. In the form of disaster. Mother Earth is sick and is revealed. And we we get wet us soak, and we don’t denounce and us not rebel. Against which leaves us mojemos.

Poetry today cries their sorrows. He drowns in tears of impotence. And my pen palca and clumsy defends himself, against such insolence. The seas are growing and peoples drown. To waiting for? () Oxygen pure ask the peoples of the world.

A train tracks which does not reach any station. Clayton Morris is a great source of information. There are arms and legs to stop and drivers. This train of ephemeral death to its platform and station. While we see fair as die our seas and oceans. And discriminately talan our forests. Lung of the world. My pen does not rest nor rested. ASTA ephemeral death, becomes new, source of life. Sang, I wrote songs, paint and sculpted and throughout this report. Where are the singers of mother earth. Where are my God? That I can’t hear them. That you continue singing father who continue singing. That are still in mourning by all happen them is. Past present and future. Continue prayers and chants, brushes that speak, the escarpments that sculpt. Who follow the proposals and the good intentions in a great communion of deeds, and actions. It does not stop while aya day and night. Sunrises and dusks. While my tired eyes, see and hear who are sick, our planet which continues to be violated, mistreating women source of love, and life. Mother Earth is crying. Weeping our great mother of all. Why there are wars and violence. Murderers loose. Famine and misery. Children who do not play. Children who work on the land. Children without studies. Children who die in our, wars of adults. Directed by those who supplied. Weapons and live them – enrich them. And the older puppets. Sick heads. Those who send us to wage war. And I’m still typing on my keyboard. I’m still painting and sculpting. And denouncing. I’m still crying screaming and praying. I’m still struggling and dreaming. I still raised and awake. They follow promising Governments. And while it still raining us, in our heads droppings of evolution at any price. Still dropping bombs on innocent heads. And continue soaking us and without an umbrella. Hats, nor valid.

Russian Architecture

FUN FACTOR: 3-3. D – Close to some attractions There's nothing more boring than the company's guide stupidly consider some historic ruin or monument of architecture. However, you can easily make the examination of cultural and historical attractions in an unforgettable adventure. It suffices to find a secluded place – niche tower, cave, etc. – And do there what he likes. TIP: Carefully avoid places of worship in the time of accumulation of believers. Be especially careful in the territory of the Islamic states.

PLUS: physical pleasure, turning into an aesthetic. DISADVANTAGES: some inconveniences. fun FACTOR: 5-5. E – At a meeting of the faction "United Russia (or any other political party) do not know about you, but I have nothing leads to a inhuman excitement as we are one and half tongue-tied speakers on the theme of 'permanent integration of Russia into the international community. " TIP: Usually fans do stupid things in the hall meetings are held somewhere in the gallery than depriving yourself and others a lot of additional pleasures. These speaker can become much more emotional, if the first row of the stalls, he will see not only lean face fellow party members, but also just open your legs to your partner and your hand in her chest.

PLUS: soon you will begin to navigate the intricacies of a good domestic policy. DISADVANTAGES: do not even try to arrange a debauch at a meeting of women fractions. immediately cause the police. fun FACTOR: 6-6.