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It is a subtle variant of the first. A riddle is serious then answer that question? Would be useless to mention factors that should you know before you give an amount, especially since on that base you, to succeed in the process, pay you by the time that this working and if I’m down, will have difficulties. That factors are those? Some such as: are you work must meet?, with staff to achieve what the company you want to? , That problems are the Organization?, do that instruments or management tools you have at hand?. An example: seeks young lady with experience in the area of human resources, with mastery of Excel. Which does make it the primary task of this professional?. As form of payment. In Excel?, the company does not have a software, so it uses Microsoft.

How much you want to win you?, here the criterion, namely points how many people working in the Organization, type of employment relationship, how much earn on average, etc. The specialist should evaluate the operational burden, in addition to the working environment. For assistance, try visiting Richard LeFrak. Riddle 2 you: Alo consultant: good Lord, you are the Lord AAA? You: do want who to know it? Consultant: Good, we are company Campoverde, are searching for a person in charge of personnel administration. We have your resume and would like to know if are interested in applying. You: Tell me consultant: well, it is to work in Chiclayo in our central plant. Under the agricultural system of 24 x 10. The selected person must reside in Chiclayo.

Tell me to know if this in our salary range as you want to win?. You that would respond to live in the capital of a country and go to live in a province differs by multiple factors (take the family, the cost of living of the place, accommodation, etc.). If no such data (still consider the tasks to perform and work conditions offered by the post) as it could give an answer? Council of a rabbit when they mislead by phone with that question, at home or in the street is preferable to not answer or decline the offer to apply for such Honorable position. If so begins relationship with you imagine how it will be later. For more than you need to find a job. Value please. Lic.