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Sadovnicheskaya Building

Also in the Moscow area quite a lot of abandoned farmsteads. To get to them easily, even in public transport. How to dress and what to take with you? Photographer: Do not forget your camera. But seriously: Wear something that does not feel sorry for dirty: and clothes and shoes because then everything will be dust and dirt. And, as you will need a lot of climbing and where jump around the model (and without too) – clothes very easily break.

With a take: gloves, which are then not sorry to be dropped, for example, garden-rag to wipe off and shake-newspapers, so it was that lay under themselves or to the model-wipes of all kinds, and humid too. Very helpful. From the photo-flash and accessories take a stand: do not regret it. Model: Consider an image for you if no one can do. Bright appearance will interesting to stand out from the shabby walls. Prefer light-colored clothing, or necessarily take something like that with him, since all the passages and corridors are so dark and you merge with the background. Take plenty of accessories.

Just do not prevent all kinds of tissue. In the clothes in which you want to shoot better change clothes at the scene, as to sneak into an abandoned building is problematic and can get dirty or torn clothing. How to behave in an abandoned building? It often happens that the casts are protected and the area fenced. Sometimes you can just go through the checkpoint, and the protection you would not say a word. Sometimes it is necessary to agree with the guards, and if you do not want agreed upon – in the fence around the longed-for object is just a hole or place where you can climb it. Just go around the place and inspect the fence. When you get round inside, move carefully. Do not forget, if abandoned building, then it is in disrepair, and it may at any time that any collapse (remember the sad case with the collapse of a building on the waterfront Sadovnicheskaya). When you walk inside, looking at his feet: all full of broken glass and other nasty things about which you can cut or pricked. If it is clear that the floor weak – better for him not go, or go closer to the wall and separately. Taking pictures Taking pictures in an abandoned building is very similar at night, since there is no artificial lighting, and light penetrates sufficiently small. But still to come to a better facility during the day, while the sun shines as vividly as possible. Here you and need a tripod or flash. When shooting a model better just shoot with a tripod, since you are shooting static objects. If you shoot a model, you need a flash, as the model moves, and the light indoors is not enough, and photographers have blurred.