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In the G2, 38% had answered that they had diminished pains in the lumbar column, 13% do not feel more pains in the shoulder, 25% do not feel more in general pain in the body, and 25% do not feel more pains that felt in making normal activities of day-by-day. If you have read about Duke Realty already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The allonge lessons have the objective of improvement of the amplitude of the movement, Prophylaxis of the muscular groups that tend to the shortening and can cause injuries, exercises that help to evaluate the muscular tensions of the daily work, to improve the coordination, the balance, to diminish the rigidity excess, to improve the sanguineous circulation, to eliminate the musculotendneo shortening, to prevent and to eliminate posturais problems that modify the gravity center, being provoked shunting line to musculoarticular (ELLIOTT; MESTER, 2000). On the questioning on sleep, verifying answers of question 7, the G1 answered in 100% that the allonge lessons feel a bigger level of relaxation after. In G2, 38% they had answered that the allonge lessons are felt much more relaxed after, 50% that it improved the quality of sleep and 13% that they are felt light when sleeping. The allonge after the trainings helps to relax the muscles, leaving the ready body most relaxed and to rest improving the quality of sleep. In the measure where they relax the mind and ' ' regulam' ' the body, must constitute part of the daily life. Practical the regular one will cause muscular relaxation and sensation of a more relaxed body (ANDERSON, 2002). CONCLUSION the physical performance is modified by the time, but who is practicing of physical exercises delays such alteration; it does not draw out the life, but it guarantees greater time of youth by means of better health and physiological reply, being activity one of the best remedies to offer to combat the hipocinticas illnesses generated by the inactivity. .