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During the period of dormancy the growth and metabolism are slowed down dramatically, not only in our climate deciduous conventional plants, but also in exotic tropical or evergreen. And during this period the plants are very important to be in conditions of low air temperature. If the climate in the wrong period of dormancy, the plant starts to hurt – and stretched his shoots iksrivlyayutsya, and the leaves fade and fall. Flower buds are not pawned in resulting plant does not bloom all year and even more. And our window sills in the apartments – this is not the place that is suitable for dipping the plants in the sleep and rest. Perhaps check out Downtown Philadelphia Condos for more information.

First, it interferes with central heating. Second, it may be an excess of solar colors, and many plants need, like people, blackout during sleep. Long since plants do not contain the apartments, as it is today, but specially built premises, referred to as a winter garden. This glass rod building, adjoined to one of the walls dilomu house through the wall in the winter the heat exchange is accomplished through heating the dwelling. In the winter garden and temperature microclimate for the plants in this season is quite acceptable. His contemporaries have learned to equip winter gardens with special devices, as before to maintain heat in the severe frosts in a greenhouse just wheel in a trolley with heated up the coals or hot krasnpa logs to prevent the plants from freezing and death. Most of the plants during dormancy to withstand short-term decrease in temperature to plus 10 degrees. Such plants are even given a special group and called for the plant conservatory.

Glass walls and ceilings conservatories overlook a necessary and sufficient sunlight, and create the greenhouse effect even in the presence of low-intensity light output in the winter, if a greenhouse is sealed. Analogue of the winter garden are now glazed baklony and loggias, where many growers are grown and even provide winter real winter garden. And as the plants require a cool winter, grow some species of cacti and succulents – Agave, aloe, kalanchoe, eheverii, jade, sanvevery, Haworthia, most of spurges ikslyucheniem poinsettia. Excellent cold winter in citrus, pomegranate room, pineapple, marantovye, onion and lily, cyclamen, hydrangea, and many of them even shed their leaves – fuchsia, garnet, oleander, azalea, myrtle – they can withstand winter temperature of 6-10 degrees. Clivia, gippeastrum, camellia, citrus saxifrage, streptokarpusy, abutilony and hibiscus can withstand temperatures of up to plus 10. Aloe, calla, Bougainville, Coleus, laurel require temperatures no lower than 12 degrees. In addition to the normal conditions of growing houseplants, glassed-in balcony, assigned for the winter garden, will help save another is not winter in outdoor garden ornamentals.