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University Problems

When writing this article, that indicates some points weak of the operation of program ERASMUS, I do not have by objective to scare the students who wanted to participate in this program but to notice to them since all we know that ” warned man bond by dos”! The following thing could discourage since many of the possible problems are compiled but generally it does not happen to him to one all the problems simultaneously and with luck, not even has problems. In all cases, yes that I recommend the international programs like ERASMUS. They are a great cultural and also linguistic experience for that strives in speaking the language of the country where it is. In addition nowadays it is fundamental to be able to demonstrate that one is movable to find a use. In order to be able to comment on a mobility ERASMUS, certain vocabulary is used with which you will not be familiarized. You will find next a short glossary to facilitate your understanding. University of origin: the university in which you study in your country of residence.

University anfitriona: the university to that you are going to study within the framework of program ERASMUS. Curriculum: – common sense: the set of subjects that form a race. within the framework of ERASMUS: the set of subjects that you are going to attend and that will be compiled in the called document ” Learning Agreement”. System ECTS: System that gives certain number of credits to a subject based on the service load that supposes for the student. So that your curriculum is valid, it must be made up of 30 credits to the semester. Coordinating: professor responsible for the confirmation of your curriculum and to which you can go if you have problems related to the studies.

Health Benefits of Some Foods

We have the climatic change until in the soup. You may want to visit Bizzi & Partners to increase your knowledge. But the consumption of meat and the way in which we fed the 6,400 million human beings who we inhabited the planet affects to the air which we breathed, besides knowing a clearly social impact. As the man is done of the nature surrounds that it, it interacts with her, it uses as her to feed itself and comprises of that nature of active way, we will tie the social thing to the environmental thing. A group of scientists and experts managed the past year to sensitize to million people on the destruction of the planet by a model of consumption based on hydrocarbons. But the improvement in the nutritional habits, is pending. One of those improvements consists of consuming less meat. In almost half century, the human consumption of meat in the world has been quadrupled. The individual consumption of meat has been duplicated in that same period of time, with the forecast for 2050 of which that consumption becomes to duplicate.

Although the world-wide consumption of meat is not equitable, the averages are over which the Earth can hold. Almost a third of the free land surface of ice of our planet it is dedicated or somehow related to the cattle, generating production of 18% of greenhouse effect gases. Another 13% come from the transport and another 19.4% of industrial activities, according to the Intergovernmental Panel for the Climatic Change of the United Nations. The cattle ranch uses a third of world-wide the agricultural land to produce animal food, a process related to the deforestation of tropical forests, mainly in Latin America, where the cattle operation has grown in a 4% in the last years, when the world-wide average is below 2%. Brazil and Argentina replace the demand of cereals to feed the cattle of the Asian east that, due to the small territorial extension and to the cultivable earth shortage, they must concern them.

Promotion Of Medicine

THE 16th promotion of medicine 16th promotion of medicine has gathered these days in Trujillo for breathing the air that had been saved and waiting in the halls and auditoriums of our faculty of medicine celebrating the long, near 27-year graduates!, may I, through these brief lines publicly express my gratitude and congratulations. GRATITUDE for having organized a huge crusade of solidarity, expressed in all the existing forms of communication, such as calls by phone, mail, personal visits, traditional letters and messages, unpolluted aiming to boost morale to the friend, colleague, partner, the Warrior, the injured fighter, as they expressed that it verbatim, honoring me excessively and undeserved, perhaps sustained in a last dirigenciales than with all honourTransparency and honesty touched me live in favour of our promotion, in such difficult years as they were 70 years and go to such a noble purpose of raising my esteem, my Morality, my strength of will, managed it to successfully. Equally also for the efforts that made both in Lima, Mexico, Spain and USA, for the contributions made to my live donor so that travel to Mexico, prayers, conducted masses, chains Los rosaries prayers and wishes that finally touched the gates of heaven in a manner desperate, achieving that she is open and a year ago I’m here back from the unknown Cave of the dead. Cushman & Wakefield is likely to agree. This solidarity, knowing it dear fellow!, they were a white handkerchief of consolation for this long night of pain and suffering, even the experience of having suffered so much, could wane, this support knowing it wanted teammates! It was an Oasis in the midst of the blistering sands that touched me walk with my worn sandals, there will be no tears, no words!, with which can someday repay the immense collective gesture of solidarity, who made me feel in my long nights of madness, proud – deserves it or not-there presided over several years to our promotion, whose members have proven to be good men and women almost touched by God with a ravishing purity that makes their bodies of steel and gold their souls!, the list is long but the first places was Anita Burga, Pilar Quito, Pedro Deza, Marlene Araujo, Victor rode Coco Arrese, Violeta Tapia, Carlitos Castillo, Ricardo JimenezMaria Elena Luna, Jose Rodriguez, Oscar Alquizar, Juan Namoc and so many colleagues. GREETING by demonstrating that the Misanthropy of Heraclitus is gone and that despite living in a society stumbled, coated masks and hypocrisy, indifference and falsehoods, this promotion XVI, as has always been, creates green moral values and social, that are dying but who have not died, PC. Have put name and surname to the brotherhood, solidarity, humanism, example that should fill with pride to medicine, our faculty and UNT to loyalty, what defines the meaning of a life, a life with meaning, what defines is the! brotherhood and the solidarity to which one always has been! we are still promoting more United and solidarity, the same who survived general surveys, the tripartite Government, to pass free to faculty, to the double selection, which survived to the greater amount of work stoppages, strikes and recesses of the UNT remain the best promotion of the UNT, throughout history. Original author and source of the article