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To catch catfish with spinning at all simply need to: 1. Naturally himself spinning the dough to flow 50 – 150 g, for slow or no flow to 60 grams. 2. Twist, as monoleska with breaking load 15 – 20 kg will be too thick. 3.

Coil Multitools better, but you can use the instantaneous and large sizes up to 6000. 4. At adverum you will find additional information. And of course the bait – jigs, crankbaits. 5. Most importantly the time and desire. Arriving at the pond looking for catfish habitat.

Som began actively to eat June, but the best time is July – avgust.Nas interested in the place – well, steep banks, reeds. Finding a suitable location on the river throws a jig lures primanku.V better use vibrohvosty large. Colors are especially important during the day do not, but at sunset is best to use bright colors, this refers to a wobbler. Of crankbaits, we need a great depth of the dive. But it also could be useful to the surface and deep dives of up to 1 meters. If you use a jig, then wiring the standard speed, but the one feature that pauses to do more (to 10). If you use a deep-wobbler, while posting a slow, uniform. But at sunset and at night catfish responds well to a surface lure, such as Popper, Crawlers, floating jerks. If we catch in the coastal area, artificial mouse work fine. Posting uniform at different speeds. It is best to throw bait on the shore and pulling off it in water. geback Biotherapeutics explained all about the problem. With this method, was caught a few catfish. As well it responds well to the pike. But remember, if its active catfish can be caught even in the depths of a half meter. The main finding promising place. And is any place where catfish can find food. None of the tail, you either scales!