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Mortgage Loans

Dreams of their own home visits, most of us. If you do not have a corner – you desire to acquire them. If you have a house – you would like to improve it. Someone wants to move out of town closer to nature, tranquility and fresh air, someone on the contrary, I would like to live closer to downtown or near the work. Save money on housing right now is impractical because keep up with rising prices is virtually impossible. So how can that be? – You ask. In Currently, if you have a good savings, you can not or do not want to sell existing housing remains fairly one way out – the mortgage. Now, almost all banks provide such loans, the newspapers are full advertising, with posters and placards are looking at us the happy faces of owners of new apartments.

But is simple and bright. Let's face it. At first glance, everything seems not so difficult. Collected papers, waited for approval, selected housing, and now you are in a new apartment. But probably not for nothing that mortgage lending is in the banks one of the most complex credit lines. First, the package of documents necessary to provide more than for other loans. Second, the approach to the analysis, as both you and your income is much stricter. Third, finding housing and conduct of the transaction – this is a very crucial stage. Where to start? We must start with a common understanding of their opportunities.


The need for space in large cities is a problem to which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not alien. At present, the development of a business requires the need to have an Office or hundreds of square meters for the storage of products. However, not all SMEs have resources to meet the cost of the rent of land and thus solve your storage needs. Before this perfect solution is portable miniwarehouses income for processing the needs in function of the market and the time of year. Miniwarehouses rental companies offer is based on mini-warehouses ranging from a few square meters to the space equal to large containers. They can store food, old documents or works of art, and even clothing, promotional items, souvenirs, etc. Provided you do not question of perishable items. To rent a minibodega, the cost savings is significant, especially if the company does not always have the same storage needs all the time.

The a minibodega rental price is accessible in comparison of what would pay an SME for the rental of offices or traditional places of good quality. SMEs can use the miniwarehouses for their removal or processes to deal with an excess of existence of products at a good time for sales, for example. Although they also serve for storing books, furniture, appliances, utensils and some other things.