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Mortgage Credits

One of the best ways for the acquisition of a House is to apply for a mortgage loan, but before that you have to wait to be affective granting of mortgage loans, i.e. mortgage credit is approved and the money is delivered to proceed with the acquisition of housing by passing the request to the Bank. To achieve the granting of mortgage loans, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements, which found people’s ability to cope with workloads that are generated from this concession, which suggests a large amount of money that can be paid over a long time. Among the many requirements which are required for the granting of mortgage loans, it is mainly found: one of the main requirements is to possess an income compatible with the dividend that is payable; which can be done through various means which will depend on the activity of the person seeking the granting of mortgage loans. If it is used it can present a certificate age and income, the latest settlement of salary or a certificate of quotes; If it is an independent trader must submit the annual income tax statement of the latest years, the last tax balances, recent payments of VAT; in case of rentier you must present a current lease agreement, recent receipts from leases that generate income, certified domain and taxes and prohibitions presented in the property that generates income, income tax return, and the contributions you make; If the applicant is a pensioner last receipts of payment of pensions and the resolution that I give you the pension to the previous requirement for the granting of mortgage loans is added the need for the applicant to possess a level of debt compatible with the credit requested.

The mortgage credit applicant must have a good history of commercial behavior; sometimes and in certain entities requires the presence of a spotless history of the applicant credit and even their family group. You must have an insurance of repayment, which in most cases is performed by the same bank which seeks to obtain mortgage loans have an appraisal or valuation of property which are thought to acquire through mortgage credit, which is requested by the financial institution to professionals in the subject. That property has been subjected to studies in reason for titles that support it. As you can understand the granting of mortgage loans this subject in great measure to economic criteria and appropriations, i.e. that the applicant behaviour it can effectively fulfil the depreciation quotas and you can make full payment of the debt within the agreed deadlines, avoiding the banking entity that performs mortgage lending suffered any losses.