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Argentina And A Reputation For Attracting Capital

Transparency in official statistics, fiscal discipline and the agreement with the Paris Club and the holdouts: the Argentine government wants to truly change the course of his economic policy or only wants to believe that? How can impact the change in economic direction on investors? The question takes on an importance not inferior to those wishing to invest a few dollars in the country. While the capital return to much of Latin America, Argentina is still waiting to generate some interest without implying use promises of big returns. And if you. is thinking of investing in assets in the country, should know that the macroeconomic conditions in Argentina are as important as the promises of profitability that provide local assets.

It is a unique and unexpected jump in the exchange rate can break through the earnings for a long time to trust a country like Argentina. While continuing with the fight against the media, the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is aware of the need for a shift in economic policy. The change in the global context will give you a little air, but problems in Argentina’s economy is too serious to remain blind and deaf to reality. For this reason, as if it were a popularity contest, the government publicly expressed its interest in addressing the issues of concern to Mercado.Do not think that the Argentine government struck in the head and suddenly want to change direction abruptly brought his economic policy.