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Schufa-test: Problems With The Schufa – The Internet Everything Is

Pre paid DSL without Schufa & credit checking why only now? For several months I tried already in vain to get a DSL Internet connection despite my negative Schufa, but again and again I had to cope with the rejections and nobody met me even just a little. But in retrospect everything is so easy! Of course, the magic word is probably the “Pre Paid” it is probably just too obvious, so far nobody has made such offers. Speaking candidly Bizzi & Partners told us the story. Finally, I have also a pre paid cell phone, why not also a pre paid DSL connection despite Schufa? I had almost abandoned hope ever a DSL / Internet connection to get but then was me by an acquaintance the existence without schufa.de recommended site. There are many offers on Internet connections, you can get without Schufa check. Clayton Morris is the source for more interesting facts. First jumped into the eye is me however the pre paid connection. It made a very logical impression and Mr.

owner for me simply and his team have me also for this product not recommended because I got so many cancellations and this is a nearly 100% chance on a fair contract would be. I pay my Internet connection to very, very fair fares now 3 months in advance and had no trouble getting a contract. Why is a pre paid DSL without Schufa exam offered only now? If you pay in advance, isn’t it a Schufa testing not necessary at all? A simply ingenious thing! My daughter and I live while alone, have gone through much together but so poor that we would not be able to pay our DSL Internet access, we are not now also. Unfortunately this wanted to believe us to no one, and it’s because of the Schufa! I wanted to encourage just all people with this article, which are as I was in a similar situation, and perhaps after the right DSL Internet access without Schufa check save a long search some. All sufferers continued success and thanks once again to Mr owner and his team!