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Review Transporter

Tired of your hectic work, Frank Martin is enjoying the sun and fishing on the French Riviera with his old comrades Tarkona. But if you walk through the mud – you can not not stain the legs, and old acquaintances find Frank. In his living room in brand new "Audi" half-dead mercenary enters with a pretty girl of Slavic in the backseat. Now it is – a new job with the delivery of Frank appendage in the form of healing bracelets, bombs. French cinema or Hollywood cinema of the French directors and producers – are almost always dive into something indescribable, recognizable at first sight. These films or fall in love with himself, as it was with "Taxi", or cause persistent irritation and rejection, the average they do not know. Realtor understands that this is vital information.

At the same fate was doomed in advance with the film, directed by Olivier Megaton outlandish name, replacing the central position of the creator of the first two parts of the franchise Louis Leterrier. And do not affect the film it could not. With the departure of Leterrier film Hollywood has lost luster and stiffness. Gone bygone entertainment pursuits, and the concentration of close-in fighting for a minute of screen time fell to just indecent. But we can get enough enough, as Frank tries to talk to Valentin: nice course, but it is very straightforward with the projected life of a movie, without a drop of imagination. Cinema as a direct reflection of reality – a thing very dreary. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Morris Invest on most websites. Better to let the cars come up from the bottom of rivers in the gas of their own tires and drive around on the roofs of trains: they belong there. Really original tricks from the movie disappeared as a class, the new "Carrier" crammed repeats and samopovtorami.

Stethemu still have to fight back in the ring of enemies, like Neo from Mr. Smith, under Burly Browl, a bicycle race through the neighborhoods and sewing factories, too, have failed to impress. Well, Luc Besson, on the sly shamelessly writes in his next script another skinny model with unnatural hair colors, apparently, is a syndrome, "Jovovich". From this "carrier" is so similar to the "Fifth Element", which somehow did not feel, given a slight resemblance Statham and Willis: Bravo limply Megaton. Entertainment motor racing has fallen practically to zero, there is no fighting on the roofs of trucks or anything pozanimatelnee, well, the use of the acceleration effect time to increase the dynamism of the movement – such a shame that you do not want to remember. The only thing shocking here, so it's natural ability to keep the margins of German cars and asphalt at once and rush to the cell, not dropping the rate, what is true, merits the director and the operator no. In general, say that "Transporter 3" has not met expectations – hence, say nothing. Can not be so carelessly refer to their work and the personality of Statham, man, realize the dream of the Anglo-Saxons, flying in a fight with the grace of Jackie Chan. Original articles on the site of the first series Kinoretsenzii

SOCIAL Monthly

Venezuelan mortgage system referred to the housing policy, is conformed by the following types of loans: financing with resources from the mandatory savings fund for housing (FAOV), consisting of the following: acquisition of housing with FAOV. Expansion of housing with FAOV. Self-construction of housing with FAOV. Remodeling of housing with FAOV. More information is housed here: Philadelphia Condos. Financing with own funds of banks: acquisition of housing. Expansion of housing.

Self-construction of housing. Refurbishment of housing. Then we will detail what each of these types of credits. Acquisition of housing with FAOV: establishes the legal regulations in the field of housing policy, that people who contribute to the system of housing policy may apply for a mortgage with the purpose of acquiring your main level primary or used housing. This standard provides very advantageous conditions for users with interest, deadlines and quotas of a social nature. Thus we have the following conditions of these loans of housing policy: to pay monthly fee: the amount of the fee to be paid monthly is given by monthly household income according to the following scale: income family monthly maximum monthly fee until Bs. 2,800 20.00% from Bs. 2,800 to Bs.

5.474 25.00% from Bs. 5.474 until Bs. 7,000 30.00% SOCIAL interest rate special. The applicable interest rate social mortgage loans granted with the resources of the funds regulated by the residential system is as follows: monthly family income SOCIAL interest rate up to Bs. 2,800 4.66% from Bs. 2,800 to Bs. 5.474 6.61% from Bs. 5.474 until Bs. 7,000 8.55% term of amortization of the mortgage loan. Mortgage loans for the acquisition of main dwelling shall be granted for a maximum period of 30 years. THE MAXIMUM VALUE OF THE MORTGAGE LOAN. They may be granted up to by 100% of the value of the property given in guarantee according to the appraisal that is practiced by proficient specialists registered with the Superintendency of banks and supplied by the Bank operator.

London: City Garden

City Garden in London, with its shady avenues, monuments, cozy benches and beautiful bars – this is the 'square'. In Russian the word 'Square' and 'space' have quite different meanings. This distinction must be borne in mind in speaking of London's parks. One and the same word can be called the British and a small garden inside the block of houses and – a spacious area with heavy traffic, which, incidentally, may not be trees. Both for Londoners – 'square'. Tired of sightseeing and shopping in London, well wander the streets of old London district – the West End. Here you'll see a lot of typical London's green spaces, public gardens in the middle of the city quarters. They start at Covent gardenskoy area, north of the Strand.

Incidentally, it is the oldest area of the Square in London: it was founded in 1630-ies of Inigo Jones. Considered the most fashionable St James's Square. In XIX century in aristocratic circles was the fashion for a walk on the areas around Belgravia. Incidentally, these green areas have been arranged like a suite of rooms – one following another, forming a single space that is pleasant for walks. However, since life in London has changed dramatically. Change and shape the urban areas.

In a form close to the pristine, they have survived, perhaps, only in a quarter of Bloomsbury. Square in Bloomsbury was founded in the late XVIII century Duke of Bedford. He appointed a high rent for accommodation in the homes of the neighborhood, and forbade it to open restaurants and shops. Even the signs on their homes could not hang. And strangers in a quiet and respectable Bloomsbury not admitted. Elite turned quarter lush greenery. Not surprising that precisely Bloomsbury in 1823 settled British Museum and then Universitetskiy college (in 1827). And finally in 1936 here erecting building University of London. They say that in this area as a particularly felt this elusive atmosphere of London, about which so many poets spoken.