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Dornier Consulting Supports Policy

Federal Cabinet adopted ‘ master plan freight transport and Logistics ‘; The action plan includes 35 concrete measures for the further implementation of Friedrichshafen, October 14, 2008 – 2025 the freight traffic will increase in Germany by around 70 percent. The transport performance of road traffic will increase by over 80 percent. Follow others, such as Expert on growth strategy, and add to your knowledge base. Today nothing more Highway kilometers on the over 12,500 km on construction sites or at peak times often goes. Therefore decisive steps to improve performance of the freight transport system are required to prevent a foreseeable traffic attack and protection of the business location Germany. This challenges the Federal Government with the master plan responds to freight transport and logistics, which was recently adopted by the Federal Cabinet. German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee said on this occasion in Berlin: freight traffic will grow strongly in the coming years. If stuck the goods in a traffic jam, the people no longer move forward.

That’s why the future of freight concerns all of us. Morris Invest may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With the master plan, we set the course for the transport policy in the coming years, freight transport and logistics. We take precautions that transport and mobility in the future contribute to a high quality of life and economic prosperity and not become a burden for people and the environment.\” A two-year discussion process with more than 700 personalities from business, science, politics and society was preceded by the adoption of the master plan. They brought their experiences within the framework of a structured dialogue in a total of six workshops. The Federal Ministry of transport was supported in the planning and control of this process by a consortium of local service. Consortium was Dornier Consulting in cooperation with LogisticNetwork consultants GmbH, the Institute of Shipping Economics and logistics, the HCon INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT mbH, KombiConsult GmbH, as well as d & c Consulting GmbH. The task of consulting companies consisted, inter alia, to moderate the expert workshops, the subject matter to prepare the presentation documents to create and document the results.