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We have all heard the word bodybuilding, which means a direct translation of "body building", by analogy can be translated and team building as a "team building" or as often translate – teambuilding. It is known that the command work much more effectively the work of individual employees. But in order for employees not working "every man for himself", performing their work, without regard to contribution to the project that did not work as told "to the buttons no complaints, "and can not wear a suit. Further details can be found at Professor Rita McGrath, an internet resource. Need to build relationships in the company between the performers and to bring people into the team. How? One way for team-building talk today. And so, you run the individual staff or you – the team? In relatively small projects, this issue is simply not worth it.

Without team work in a startup – can not survive. Everyone has so much cargo, how many can survive when everyone goes to find the gold vein. Team formed without much effort, nekomandnye players – go away, and the rest pulled so many problems in the project, as far as the knowledge of strength and skill. Everybody sees the target, see the process of movement to it and feel their contribution to this process. Other thing – the big projects that last for years. In companies that employ hundreds (I'm not talking about thousands) some people can not do anything and it does not severely affect the overall result is not (of course, the ship will not sink, but not quickly float).