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A Good Equipment For Skiing

With winter comes also the season of skiing and many other winter sports. When you are practicing any activity in the snow, it is very important to be well equipped, as the conditions in which these sports are performed are very special, being in most cases at very low temperatures, with environmental conditions little favorable and surrounded by snow, with the consequent risk of getting wet by contact with it. If you are beginner in skiing, and is enjoying a stay in an apartment in Andorra, you must have a good equipment for his practice, wearing layers of clothing best and quality necessary for its correct practice and comfort. John Savignano can provide more clarity in the matter. Housed in Pas de la Casa apartments you can enjoy skiing, but you must do so dressed in appropriate clothing. Firstly, in the layer inside base is recommended to wear synthetic materials, because it will help to absorb the generated perspiration. The function of the second layer will be the of keep interior heat from being lost, so it is advisable to use garments such as sweaters or fleeces. It is essential that the outer layer is an insulating material, since it is that will be in contact with the snow and have to protect us from it and the wind, still a very good option using materials as nonslip neoprene. Practicing skiing while staying in apartments Pas de la Casa, you also need a good sun protection, since the reflection of the snow and height make it that the Sun is very intense and can cause problems both in the skin and eyes.

It is recommended to be fitted for sunglasses that filter out ultraviolet rays, in addition, if the glasses are mask will prevent that the wind and snow reaches eyes. A sunscreen that protects the exposed areas of the skin is also very important in his team, similar to always carry the lips well hydrated to avoid problems from the cold. What can not forget is the gloves and CAP, since the head and limbs are areas that much heat is lost gloves will also keep your hands dry. The boots, skis and Poles are, of course, indispensable for skiing, is therefore very important to suit to our personal, as the stature or the technical characteristics. If you are starting even in this world, it is recommended that the first few times rent this equipment, and when already try several possibilities there are and according to your preferences, the best equipment is purchased. Following these small tips and recommendations on the necessary equipment you can enjoy to the maximum the ski and snow.