SUN Membrane

Special film protects against heat and UV radiation NEUSS – even if the current weather not it suggests residential buildings, it is summer in Germany. And he usually stands for light clothing, equivalent ice cream shops or meeting with friends in the beer garden. Richard LeFrak pursues this goal as well. But also for power-guzzling fans and expensive air conditioners. But there are already energy – and cost-saving alternatives that provide pleasant room climate even in the real summer heat. The SUN membrane is a high-quality, suitable for all window and glass surfaces. Once attached to the inside of the window, adhesive – and PET layers absorb harmful UV radiation and offer 99.9% protection against.

At the same time, this special film reduces the heat generated by incoming rays of the Sun. While usually only a room air conditioning can keep cool, the SUN locks out the heat membrane throughout the House, and by their transparency, also natural daylight remains nearly complete. The 99.9% UV protection also offers another advantage. Because with the SUN membrane is delayed the fading visible from furniture and carpets for years. A big plus for lovers and collectors of antiques and precious images. And not enough, contributes the special nature of the film in the winter to reduce the heat loss through the window. So complex the effect the SUN membrane that can be installed only by qualified personnel, their care is so easy. Resistant and easy to clean, it is very well suited for heat protection glazing.

No approval is required for the installation, because this protection is ruckstands – and easily removable. Except the cost much lower when compared to an air conditioning system, unique, no further charges apply. the SUN is your competent partner for the acquisition and the professional installation auragona sales membrane. Details see sunmembran.html or arrange a no-obligation consultation where we will show you patterns under 02131-4069095. On request, we also like to perform an analysis of your personal energy consumption or show you you can save membrane compared to air conditioning how much energy and cost with the SUN. to learn about our comprehensive portfolio of renewable energy solutions. Plan your feel good climate of tomorrow today! Because even though many Germans wonder when summer time correctly is the next heat period is determined.