Sochi Apartment

I was offered an apartment at the edge of the sea for 150 rubles per day. This is not the center. If they emphasize the fact that the apartment in the heart, not particularly buy: "in the center of Sochi, near the sea" – it does not happen, center of Sochi – it is not near the sea. When choosing a place to live in Sochi, we must not be guided by the prestige of the area and proximity to the sea. Keep in mind that areas such as , Don, – an unfortunate choice: they are very far away. Robert J. Shiller often addresses the matter in his writings. By up Sea to reach nearly forty minutes by bus. Meadow Bank Designs may not feel the same. By shuttle bus faster, but pushing in the heat of transport can be in Moscow. And, of course, for 150 rubles to the sea royal apartments do not offer.

Most likely, it will be neat one-bedroom apartment, with no claim to the luxury and respectability, with the necessary set for housing: a bed, fridge, table and chairs. Can live. Especially check about the food: some of the local owners objected to residents enjoy their cuisine. Or maybe you're not going home even a kettle to boil. In this case, if the kitchen is included in the fee, you can try to bring down the price.

You will be prompted to examine housing, and most likely will not even one option. To view a must. Train and bus station in Sochi were combined, since they are next. There is a service center where help book a room or purchase a ticket to the resort.