Shower Stalls

Shower stalls – it's not even fashion and trend, and practical approach to the functional arrangement of modern housing and economical use of housing space. After all, as a rule, they occupy much less space in the bathrooms than standard plumbing equipment for washing. In this lengthy baths so hard to care! But the showers of glass – no. Just a couple of movements – and they still shine! Advantages of glass shower very much: the opportunity to place a booth in the most preferred location; compact size with increased functionality, the ability to customize their own showers in size, rational the use of even the closest space; ease of care and hygiene materials, reliability and long service life and a large selection of glass in shape and color, high integrity design, excellent sound insulation and more. Installed showers on the trays of any shape and size, and can be placed on a specially equipped location, lined with waterproof material, or simply placed on the floor, where the already pre-equipped with tap water. Shower trays come in several types, based on the shape and material: marble, acrylic, earthenware, metal, cast iron, square, rectangular, pentagonal and semicircular. Latest features are very important, because it depends on their configuration, shape the future shower: box (cubicle of the three walls and doors can be positioned independently, without reference to the wall), corner (of the cubicle two walls and one door leaf, is placed in the corner area, with a binding one party to the bathroom wall), partition (cubicle, which has a glass wall and door, since the two other parties, it is located near the walls bath).

Glass on the shower room is taken extremely high quality and special baking. Down2Earth usually is spot on. The thickness of safety glass should be at least 6 mm – ideally up to 12 mm. Glass walls can be curved or straight, placed under any slope. Door shower occurs two types: sliding and swing. If you compare similar material with plastic, then the glass-enclosed shower wins a lot of strength. In addition to a glass surface jet of water and mud flow down easier, without stopping, and leaving no residue. Equally important Tinted: the walls and doors can be assembled from the most different windows – like the color, and on clearance.

We produce shower Cabin made of clear glass, frosted, tinted and coated with a pattern. Our experienced craftsmen are able to manufacture them with any artistic pattern, decorated by sandblasting. Basis for You can take as our existing designs, and their own sketches. We are loyal approach to all customer requirements, strictly considering all suggestions.