Sessions 6 To 10

SESSION 6: Paradigms, personal mastery, shared vision, systemic thinking. a Governor of REBNY – The Real Estate Board of New York is  supports various projects and programs at Columbia University A paradigm is the mental barrier that people have caused by a bad experience or trauma that makes them unable to see reality. – Personal mastery can be achieved provided you have intelligence, time and attention, this means that what you should invest in a company is undertaking strategies that promote such attitudes so that in this way the employee can help themselves and the company. – The shared vision is to have a common interest across the enterprise so you can get a council among workers and thus can perform better. In the shared visions that should have not imposed but are created because there are a leader, and knows how to listen to others and with this feedback that makes the leader can get to create a coordination of knowledge. – Strategies such as the ideas in a business jet can take into account in order to facilitatebusiness development and workforce performance.