Self Cleaning Filters

Purification of the hydraulic fluid in these filters is based on the effect of centrifugal separation of substances of differing density and particle filtering contaminants through the filter element slotted conical shape. Consider this process in more detail. Supplied with high-speed fluid contamination in the filter housing through the cylindric tangential or spiral inlet, the fluid becomes intense rotation. Under the influence of the centrifugal forces of high-density particles of dirt thrown to the walls and move in a spiral to the top of the cone, then depositing on the bottom and forming a thickened sludge suspension. Purified from the large and heavy particles, the liquid passes in a reverse vortex flow through a slit filter element, which is located in the upper part of the body and goes out through the exit fitting back into the hydraulic system (Fig. 1): During the accumulation of sediment in the filter housing and filter element increases the growth of pollution pressure difference between the "input" and "output" filter. When reaching the set value (or set the timer interval) performed purification filter and filter elements.

The system provides automatic cleaning of the valve on the drain pipe, and the thickened sludge from the bottom of the body is washed away by fluid flow in the drain collector. With the removal of sediment downstream vortex flow of fluid at the same time, it removes impurities deposited on the filter element (Fig. 2). When washing the filter filtration process is interrupted briefly for a few seconds (2-4 sec): If you want to perform automatic cleanup of large volumes of filters can be combined into filtrating the battery, while cleaning can be alternately: The main advantages of this type of self-cleaning filters include: design simplicity and high reliability; no moving parts and, consequently, wear parts; Fully automatic self-cleaning filtration process and filter; combination of compactness and high specific productivity; Simplicity and ease of maintenance; application appropriate materials for different types of liquids; high efficiency separation of mechanical impurities; opportunities in the construction of step purification systems; Different performance build a modular principle; excellent value for money. In manufacturing processes the use of filters, cyclones in combination with other high-quality self-cleaning filters is high-performance solution for creating water treatment systems with closed loop water with a high degree of contamination of raw water..