Screw Compressors

Screw compressors have proven themselves as reliable and durable equipment. They are quite easy to use, does not require any special training. However, like all kinds of specialized equipment, require competent operation. Only in this case, the screw compressors will last you a long time. Typology screw compressors are divided into two groups: screw compressors oil-injected into the cavity compression of such compressors is fed large quantities of oil, and screw oil free compressors, working principle of which is in compression and injection of gas is not contaminated with oil. Both species compressor have both pluses and minuses of design and performance. In this article we just dwell on this form, screw compressors, such as compressors dry .Nachnem to design such screw compressors. It consists of two rotors located in the body: the master and slave.

Housing screw compressor can be equipped with water jacket cooling. The rotors rotate in the support and support-resistant bearings and gears have a connection that capture the extent necessary, shaped gap between the rotor, except for their mutual contact. Screw oil free compressors can be used in virtually all industries. Most often they are used in areas where there is a need to ensure the purity of compressed gas (chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals, etc.) or in the case of a broad change in the composition of gases in the process use (flare, the oil and coke oven gas). With regard to the design of screw compressor CompAir, depending on the desired final pressure, the compressor can be equipped with several steps intermediate and final cooling.