Rheinlander Fiat 500 Bought Convertible For 444,59 Euro

Auction Portal snipster allows extraordinary Christmas gift Oberhausen/Kiel, December 29, 2009 – short snipster Frank Kummeling from Oberhausen the previously most spectacular auction of young online auction Portal decided before Christmas for himself: with a cool head and the right bidding strategy, he purchased the convertible version of the popular Fiat 500 for the crazy price of only 444,59 euros. The Related Companies might disagree with that approach. He fulfilled the dream of the new car to his girlfriend, who found the car keys under the Christmas tree to their surprise. A car under the Christmas tree – this extraordinary gift could give Frank Kummeling thanks to snipster his girlfriend for Christmas. The restaurateur from Oberhausen participated in Fiat 500 convertible – on the exciting auction of legendary cult Streaker and she decided just in time for the Festival. \”When I got the E-Mail with the confirmation of winning, I could not even believe it!\”, tells of the Rhinelander.

\”I asked again and was overjoyed – mainly because I knew how much my girlfriend wishes this car.\” In fact the two have visited equal the new Fiat 500 convertible after the Germany premiere in September 2009. \”My girlfriend was totally excited by the sleek design and the iconic roof\”, Frank Kummeling reported. \”When I saw then a short time later, that comes a brand new Fiat 500 convertible at snipster under the hammer, I immediately thought: this is a unique opportunity to fulfill your desire for Christmas my friend!\” After three weeks of secret bidding, he finally had the vision in your pocket. The new auction process by snipster afforded by this extraordinary Christmas gift at a bargain price. This will ensure that brand new top brand products at a fraction of the value of the goods will be auctioned off. Also Frank Kummeling could several high-quality products at sensational prices bid in a short time, such as for example an Apple iPhone and an 18-inch notebook.