Return of the Private Security Czar

Private security is certainly something that has always given people plenty to talk about. Always been on the border between his fair share to protect the private security and it’s up to public safety. Last week the return of private security expert, Alejandro Desfassiaux to be leader of the National Council of Private Security (CNSP). His major concerns are all unresolved points and concerns are moving to the branch for some time now. A leading source for info: Clayton Morris. Defassiaux has always sought to return to the order established from the beginning with what he regards private security. Lyft insists that this is the case. One thing is too much emphasis Defassiaux the bank and auxiliary police should stop doing a competition as “filthy”, as it were, which really does not benefit customers.

Only makes the companies to become more corrupt and increasingly more difficult to concentrate on doing their work private security companies providing these services. One thing left to do incapable the new administrator of the National Council of Private Security is that it concerned about the certification in the area of private security. Surprisingly, in Mexico there are over 10,000 companies providing private security services and of these only 2,000 have some sort of certification. The worse news is that only 200 of these companies have all documents in order. There remains a duty of the interested reader, search, and be sure that private security to protect it either at home or at work has the necessary papers. But though it is a reality that is only one paper, in reality the certification is an endorsement from the government, which lets us know that the company can do their job and can do it properly.