Rates usually depend on general features of the brochure (size, shape, weight … etc), delivery area (blocks of flats or houses), is here comes the importance of sharing rules as a company that leaves 100% of the brochures in the case of the basket of advertising and porter will lower rate than a company that fails to 3-5 leaflets. But we want to hire a mailshot or place our advertising in the mailboxes “80% of leaflets distributed in baskets advertising / doorman end up in the trash after a few hours – Do I have to trust the company that promised me 98% of distribution in mailboxes in an area with a doorman or baskets of advertising? NO, inaccessible housing, publicists at the entrance of the portals that this very fashionable for some time, because some neighboring communities trying to defend itself against the massive publicity reception prohibiting the mailing or placing a common mailbox.

So what happens if people do not like propaganda? Is associated with garbage? Does not need to waste my money on mailings? Not at all, this is not true, people have the desire to receive offers, discounts free samples, invitations … etc., are usually more receptive women between 30 and 50 years, with a medium level of education sectors which enjoy common response is the leisure and beauty and hairdressing products. But beware of the “negative publicity” usually happens when companies hire frivolous only thing that mattered was ending the deal as soon as possible, and do not control their distributors for lack of means.