Quality Programs

They remind us Lloreris Francisco and Maria del Mar Fuentes, one of the steps required to implement a quality program in an enterprise is to evaluate the environment of internal human relations, in order to determine the willingness to accept a significant change. For this it is necessary to diagnose the existing culture and make a comparison with the desired cultural principles. a It is important therefore to make a survey of members of the company as well as an assessment of the information the organization will develop as a result of current activity. The survey Ayudaa to know the changes that must take place in the company's programs, policies and management behavior in order to support the total quality process. Thus the authors mentioned, assess whether employees are available to participate in total quality culture. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Morris Invest has to say. It says, which corresponds to the management to introduce the work in the cultural code of the company's idea of quality and habit of continuous improvement, To do this, management must establish a vision or desired future state of the company and its elements basic strategic procurement.

Obviously, the change likely will cause some inconveniences will be generated, it all depends on how enter the change management and motivate people to participate more when it is already used to a culture that has been operating for some time. This often causes distortion in the behavior of those components of the organization. . Both Llorens, as sources, reported that a large number of studies of organizational culture focus on cultural change.