Public Housing

When buying a second home, the Tyumen real estate market, often wonder how to choose the apartment that Pat does not feel sorry for? Not to run into scammers or an apartment with a 'questionable past'. To do this, firstly, look at the current time of possession apartment owner. If this period is less than one year, must guard – at best you will come across dealers, or an apartment with a serious "shoal" that the present owner is not found with the purchase. At worst – a scam. Refuse to purchase, if the apartment is not "the ultimate dream." If tenure is very small apartment, for example, a couple of months – do not buy under any circumstances, it is wholly-owned scheme.

Most often, the scammers for a quick sale offer 'junk' prices. Secondly one should pay attention to the floor. Most preferred are always considered all but the first and last. Last floor of course, you can choose only if the house is a technical floor on which are mine ventilation, water tanks and other communications, as the roofs of houses are more than 15 years often occur. Also, lack of the upper floors is often poor access to water.

This is a very common disease of the building 9 floors above, with the pump wear swap. But it is always possible to check before buying an apartment. Third in Public Housing the real estate market in Tyumen, pay attention to the layout. When buying a home be sure to check with the plan of the BTI. Do not buy an apartment adjacent to the elevator shaft. Noise and vibration will be your life partner. If you buy a kopeck piece, make sure that a living room is adjacent to the neighbors, since the poor sound insulation you'll hear all the movements of their neighbors. Avoid corners of apartments, because the walls tend to ignore moisture. It is worth paying attention to which direction the windows in your future flats. The least comfortable option is the northern or southern exposure, as in the first case is "permafrost" and the darkness, while the second – constant sun and unbearable heat in summer. It is better to choose the east (the sun in the morning), or west side (the sun in the second half), as you wish. Fourth, pay attention to the yard, access and infrastructure. Everything should carefully examine and assess need in the daytime, so that nothing is missed. Before you buy an apartment, try to talk with the inhabitants of the house or porch. Most likely, they are You can hear a lot about home and your future apartment. Do not try to inspect all of the proposed flats in one day as a high risk of something not seen or even make a choice on the principle of 'select anything' it is so important to see all "nezamylennym eye."