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Many times we find a series of internal conflicts that prevent us to act with greater efficiency, it is necessary to solve them so that we can move towards a life with greatest satisfactions, below describes some of these internal enemies that affect the management of our time: v do not know say no: some people have a great fear to manifest that they can really do some activity and in some cases of personal status could include the not wantserious accept what cannot be fulfilled is that we ourselves are complicating us our life, at the end in some place or person will stay bad, this is serious, our image deteriorates, organized people know what are your terms and are willing to accept responsibilities that if they can fulfill, of course that’s not fall into comfort or minimal effort but is do everything possible but well done, with a high sense of commitment and responsibility. v not knowing how to delegate: in enterprises and even in the family the delegation of responsibilities fundamental to achieve big goals, teamwork always is beneficial but must have confidence among its members, persons not delegated enormous loads are generated and are returning their tortuous life, you must rely on other people, so you should choose properly works with those who. v defer things: this has results disastrous, if you want to have success is absolutely essential demands and responsibility, never postpone commitments because then his word lose value and authority, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt we mention the true power of the word, by reading this book you will learn to formulate goals exceptionally powerful and will learn the techniques that will allow you to schedule your life in total harmony with your desiresYou can access your own power and the word impossible will have no meaning to you. v indiscipline: the level of discipline that you drive in his life tells him what is prepared, the more control to yourself up in the small details then you will be ready to create and receive great things, if you are currently experiencing indiscipline the time of change has come. Life is full of great opportunities but it is necessary to make an internal change that allows us to enter the true source of power, then you will understand nothing it is impossible for people that have a true faith, a deep conviction of their goals. Ever defer your own freedom, it is necessary to take firm steps in the search for the most fantastic dreams for your life, in the book the secret of the power of goals shows a huge powerful process for establishing goals which if they work, with proper instructions you will be able to control your life and find the way to happiness.