Exhibition review – class instead of mass which already announced in the run-up to the fair, were confirmed in their history: the property & housing changed. The summary is less exhibitors, fewer visitors, but more quality. Approximately 15% less exhibition space was booked. But not the stands of the exhibitors were small, but whose number was reduced accordingly, especially on pages of the builders. This is to a large extent, that many projects are also sold, implemented and completed, but new construction is not in sight, in Munich just larger areas for development are increasingly scarce. Without object offer a participation at the fair just does not make sense. Visitor numbers remained at compared with the last three exhibition dates consistently to the 5,500, a decrease of approximately 15% to approx.

4,700 visitors was also here. Our opinion, seeing people remained simply”away, that without concrete cause through the corridors strolled, without explicit acquisition or sales intentions. And that would we be understood also as a compliment for our customers. Because, unlike the others, we have neither reason nor reason to complain. Through the Bank, our booth on all three days of the exhibition was visited good to very good. For our internal statistics of visitors for our booth we recorded no decline in, rather on the contrary. The structure of visitors, compared to the last two fairs had changed but. Investors there represented a considerable potential, who were looking for a property for own use outweighed now.

This is the first, triggered by the financial crisis, demand curve is covered, and investors again more selective search. Generally once again increased the demand quality is but definitely. The visitors were very precise, concrete and realistic ideas about use, type, size and nature of this real estate, as well as about their situation and demands on the environment, as also the own budget framework, including already tranquil purchase price financing. The visitors used intensive our extensive and attractive range of both displayed on the posters, as well as our slide show, as well as the possibilities of online research on our workstations. The initial information was deepened through detailed informative talks with our brokers.