Property Management

It is also important that the landlord has the right to claim damages (including foregone income) caused termination of the fault of the tenant. For a potential tenant office and industrial premises are also not without interest any problems with the tax authorities that occur at the entry into force of long-term (over one year) leases subject to compulsory state registration. The lease usually states that it covers the relationship between the parties, after the actual transmission of the tenant space in use and, accordingly, he required to initiate lease payments since the signing of the acceptance facility. In this case the right to assign lease payments at the cost arises from the tenant from the contract due to moment of its registration. In practice, of the signing parties to the lease and the beginning of the actual use of the tenant leased premises before the treaty enters into force are months. There are cases where the tax authorities in audits do not agree with the inclusion of the cost (of goods, works, services) for unregistered rental contracts. Undoubted interest specific characteristics of individual leases office, production and warehouse space, which is subject to additional and often costly burdensome requirements. With regard to subarendnym relations should be remembered that the agreement "subsubarendy" office space, storage, etc.

contrary to existing law governing the rental relationship, in particular, st.608 Civil Code, and, even with the consent of the owner or authorized agency, may be declared null and void. If the object of rent non-residential premises in common ownership (eg condominiums, housing cooperatives, etc.), it requires agreement of all owners to transfer it to the Rent (st.246 Civil Code). In addition, private owners have common ownership while renting non-residential premises owned by them often as a condition of renting to the tenant making demands on repair systems livelihood of an apartment house, roof, attic, elevators, landscaping, etc. If the rented object is in the mortgage, then a necessary condition of the lease is compulsory consent of the pledgee (p.2 st.346). A necessary condition for the lease of property and public utilities is the consent of the Committee on Property Management (p.2 st.295 Civil Code). At rental property landlord serves public agencies the authority empowered to dispose of municipal property (cookies). Feature of the rental of buildings and structures, when a party to the contract acts Stock society, is that a transaction of between 25% and 50% of book value assets of the company, its consent is required for decision of the board of directors, and over 50% – solution of the general meeting of shareholders.