Property Management

A new concept of real estate management for the sale or rent of its property Lanois Doval has developed during last the 20 years, services advanced in these segments of market, designing commercial strategies and of communication, focused to catch the greater number of buyers or renters, as much at national level as international. Their deep knowledge of the real estate market of high level and its experience in the management of exclusive real estate assets and investments, have allowed them to implant a plan of expansion in all the national territory based on a platform of communication dedicated exclusively to properties of prestige, investments and sale of companies. At a time that can be described as transitory and evolutionary towards a more demanding and competitive real estate market, and although the market of prestige properties does not accuse of the same negative form that others the convulsive moment that at the moment we crossed, is essential a positioning of product in perfect syntony with the demand, especially in assets directed to market segments that require a strategy of specialized global communication. The added values of Lanois Doval are based on: The high degree of specialization and accessibility allows to give the special treatment them that the management of these products entails, and for that reason they have been distinguished throughout the years with one deserved fame of seriousness and discretion in all activities. The creation of departments specialized in marketing and communication to offer an integral service in the diffusion of the sale of its properties, assets and companies at national level. Lanois Doval acts not only like an adviser and collaborator if not that is formed like a strategic partner of the client to whom it provides a service adapted to his concrete needs, with total solution and quality assurance. This company bases the value of its work on the professionalism of its human equipment, its commitment to obtain the highest quality level and its responsibility on activities that realise.