Property Linguistics

Learn the legal documents (certificate of registration of property) and the passport of the owner, be sure to verify the address. It also happens that the cheaters are changing signs on buildings, entered into a contract, take a pledge you come the next day and find that the address here and none of the other Money did not hear anything. By the way, you can check the authenticity of the certificate officially. For information about the owner of the property upon request of any interested person. The term of the query – 7 days, the cost – about $ 100. Ask the owner to present an excerpt from the house of the book. From this document you will find remains whether any member of the family of the owner the right to live in an apartment.

Note the terminology here there is some confusion. Renting and hiring – the concepts are different, although their mixing occurs very often. The concept of 'rent' is used when the subject of hiring stands a building or structure (such as a vacation home) and when the employer a legal entity. If you – an individual renting a flat, draw up a contract of employment premises. Let us return to our sheep. What should be required to register in the employment contract of the apartment? Location and description of the type property, ie, point, shoot you an apartment or room number of rooms, square, and so on.

The basis of description of the apartment to take the title documents. Passport data of the owner and tenant. Ask owner to produce several kinds of documents – passport, driving license, health insurance card. One passport can be forged and a few documents – is unlikely. The term of employment. Maximum period renting legally limited to five years. If the contract period is not specified, it is also assumed to be five years. Fix the amount of the fee for hiring. You can prescribe the conditions under which it is possible to increase or reduction in fees during the contract period. Specify the amount contributed by your mortgage. Since the bail is used primarily as a safeguard in case of damage to property and housing, it is necessary to describe the conditions of confinement him. Payment of utility bills. According to the law is the responsibility of the employer, unless the contract provides otherwise. Repair of apartments. Most often, the capital – the duty of the owner, the current – the employer, but contract, you can specify, for example, that the costs of maintenance are taken into account in payment of hire. This is only the main points of agreement. Everything else is left to your discretion. In each case has its peculiarities. Ask Friends and rents an apartment for a long time, what conflicts arose with their masters and try to avoid such situations, including the relevant items in the contract. You may need to specify the time at which owner can come to you with a check. Also, if you want, you can fix the consent of the owner to ensure that you issue a temporary registration. Introducing a fee, do not forget to take the owner a receipt for money.