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In July, the demand for Resellers fell compared with the winter months by 40%. Proportionately decreased and the number of actual transactions. Odessa real estate market also showed a rapid decline in property prices for June – July. On the market primary real estate prices fell by 7.5%, while the secondary housing decreased by 6.3%. Also significantly dropped the price of land and cottages. Land in a 30-km zone of Odessa has fallen by 10-12%, which was sort of record for the region. In , in July 2008. nominal value of the declared objects for sale. During the two summer months decreased by 6.21%. In the sleeping areas of the city observed the largest decline in home prices. Cost 1k.kv. decreased in July to 2.07%. For ‘dvushek’ and ‘Treshek’ there is a decline in the value of 5.98% and 2.23% respectively. Housing market conditions experts comment as a slump in demand, but analysts predict a halt growth in demand and price adjustment.

The real estate market in Dnepropetrovsk in June for the first time in recent years has been fixed lower prices at the level of 4,7%. The volume of proposals has increased by 4%. Consumer demand has decreased by 23%. Offer exceeds demand at 9.9 times. Buy apartment in Dnepropetrovsk has become more accessible – for example, bid prices three-bedroom apartments in the city as a whole decreased by 9,2% compared to May. Real Estate Agencies Dnepropetrovsk forecast price declines secondary housing, but the ‘crash’ in house prices is not expected, especially in the primary market because the city suffers from a lack of quality housing. In general, the market is in a waiting position. Buyers expect that prices will drop, and vendors have taken a wait and not rush to much lower prices. Analysts believe that the secondary real estate market may be equally likely to evolve in three scenarios: a smooth growth in the range of inflation stability with a decrease in real value due to inflation and a correction in some segments of the market or price reductions of 20-30% by October 2008. Professional Organization of Realtors – Ukrainian Guild of Realtors, predicts the stabilization in the housing market in in Ukraine as a whole in the spring of 2009, and prior to that price fluctuations within 10%.