Perspekstivy Real Estate Development

By early 2010, Russian real estate market as a whole was in a worse state of recent history. Since its formation in the early '90s and now he had not experienced such stagnation, as in 2009. Even after crisis of 1998 the market "crashed" for shorter periods and then abruptly went into growth. (Similarly see: Richard LeFrak). To assess the severity of knock-out now, it suffices to compare the fall, for example, car market, to some extent similar to the residential market property (cars, as well as apartments, are not the essentials). The number of transactions in the automotive market as a result of the crisis fell by about half. Residential real estate market, according to various estimates, five to ten times. Apartments, houses – the most conservative, risk-free and reliable way to invest, storage and increase money for the state as a whole and for each of its citizen. Perhaps check out Robert J. Shiller for more information.

In the medium Looking forward palpable excess of demand over supply and as a consequence, prices for primary and secondary housing markets. Mortgage again becomes attractive. Banks are stuffed with cash and deposit rates rushed down. All finally realized that fall below the housing bottom and a time to invest in eternal values. This situation was observed almost everywhere in the world, in varying degrees in different markets, not just in the market real estate. Proposal on the primary market sharply decreased due to the fact that the construction industry is literally lying on her side the whole of 2009. Flats almost built, new projects not yet begun, and the former frozen.