Participating Style

The people who are comfortable to each other speak much. They share ideas and inspiration. The afiliativo style, increases the flexibility progressively; the friendly are entrusted in others, allowing that the innovation habits, and taking of risks is developed to fullness. e. – The Participating Style. When investing time obtaining the ideas and the support of the people, a leader foments the confidence, the respect and the commitment of his group. When leaving used them they have a voice in the decisions that affect their objectives, and to the form in which they do his work daily, the participating leader remarkably increases the flexibility and the responsibility. When listening the preoccupations of the employees, the participating leader learns what there is to make to maintain the high moral effective.

Finally, since they have a vote in the fixation of his objectives, and the parameters to measure their success, the people that work in their participating surroundings much more tend to be realistic, about what they can and what they cannot do. f. – Imitative style. Like the coercive style, the imitative style form leaves from the repertoire of a leader, although its use is due to moderate. At heart, the bases of the imitative style seem admirable. The leader determines standards of labor performance extremely high he exemplifies and them. Its great obsession, is to do all better and much more fast one, and demands of total form that all the people of his around fulfil exactly these criteria technical. Quickly, it identifies to the people with low levels of labor performance, and it demands to them much more.

If they do not fulfill his expectations exactly, the wrath replacing gradually, with much more able people. At first sight, it seems that such exposition would improve the results, but tristemene is not thus, of simple. Types of leadership desingado Leadership: That it means? To take responsibility from the group and to guide the group towards its goals? To determine as the group can fulfill its goals Following active: That it means? To support and to follow the designated leader? To participate in the decision making of the group giving ideas and looking for clarity Leadership of comradeship: That it means? The equipment works together and they lean one to the other to fulfill the goals of the group? Each member of the equipment sees what needs to do and it makes Leadership own: That it means? Each person takes care of itself to itself to be able to take care of the group? All show to initiative and personnel character Bibliography: Stoner, James; Frreman, Edgard, and Gilbert, Daniel, Administration, 6a. ed., Pretince-Hall, Mexico, 1999. Saval, R. The leadership styles. Reclaimed document day 4 of November of 2008 of Magazine Adminstrate Today no.