Old Property

Property old characterizes to have certain structure that makes distinguish of the other property, generally are constructed in material called bahareque that is compound elaborated with cane and mud, because in the times last for the construction of an old property it did not count on cement and brick as it happens nowadays, therefore have a more rustic aspect. Additionally, all old property that is respected, counts on a great land extension populated by fruit trees, cultures, little streams and other elements that cause that the old property has an atmosphere more rustic than customary. In these conditions an old property has certain air that immediately remembers the grandparents, since many of the grandparents of each person have or had a property of an aspect of long ago. Where they passed unforgettable afternoons with numerous families and neighbors of other near property. The old property can be of much affability like referring tourist, since their beautiful leases bring memories and pleasant sensations, since generally the old property they are accompanied of beautiful landscapes that immediately generate an air of freedom and tranquillity, in addition the beautiful articles to decoration that are in an old property, more than by its material value they emphasize a true symbolic meaning for the inhabitants of the same.

It is common to find in all old property utensils like chimneys, furnaces of firewood, pictures painted by regional artists, pools instead of seen swimming pools and many other objects that to the being transport to the observer to a beautiful historical past. Nevertheless to find today, in the middle of the modernismo a true old property, is a quite difficult task, because the few that were in places and regions separated from the municipal urban helmets, have been reformed to be to the vanguard, lamentably today the past cultural of many countries that could be observed through any old property and historical that reflected with their rural presence in a noticeable and beautiful landscape it has disappeared taking step to luxurious property that is destined for commercial and industrial uses, and that therefore they end the classic structure of the old property. It is possible to be said that all old property or the great majority that nowadays can be found is recognized like cultural patrimony and used for tourist aims of each region, property that offer diversion and knowledge for the young generations, that by the excessive technological advance of the urbanization added to the social inconciencia could remain without knowing their regional past and customs cultual. In conclusion it is possible to be said, that who has the opportunity to visit and to know a property old she will enjoy an unforgettable experience, that in any case can be shared in family as a day’s halt, at the same time as it is taught to him to the small ones on kindness of the passed generations, because this constitutes a privilege that by the social circumstances and the other aspects before mentioned many people cannot be given. Original author and source of the article