Old Greece

Of this form, for the estruturalistas, if still to take advantage some intention in the interpretation of a text this will be attributed to the reader and never to the author. Checking article sources yields Philadelphia Real Estate as a relevant resource throughout. Already the heideggeriana interpretation is seated in the reinterpretados beddings of the fenomenologia in narrow linking with the hermeneutics. From this fenomenologia reinterpretada for Heidegger, according to Nunes, (…) the scienter is not more, as it was for Husserl, the basic property of the conscience, but the direction to be understood it, that is, it to be redescoberto, of that the conscience is the opening point intentional direction. Of this form, the invitation that Heidegger makes in for to hear them the words from the devolution of these to the poem has much to see with what the poet-author wants saying in them. III A first question that Heidegger puts in quarrel is that in the verse poeticalally the man inhabits to inhabit poeticalally of this form, according to Heidegger, is because still we are thinking these terms about the sensocomunizada perspective of what he is to inhabit (housing) and of what is poetical proper philosophy as is the question of the Being? Because, for it, this is a question that not yet is answered. In other words, the thought occidental person when establishing the question of the Being as an evident question, if released in retaking it.

Of this form, for Heidegger, to if moving away from the problem of the Being, the thought occidental person also was distanciou of its proper recital. Therefore the birth of speculative thinking of ocidente, occurred in Old Greece, was given, exactly, for the question for the Being as the bedding primevo. Thus it is that, for the daily pay-socrticos and the Greek classic philosophers, the question of the Being was not ece of fish as a obviedade, therefore, as a solved question already, but as a thematic one hidden e, in this direction, provoker, perscrutante.